21 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Jessica Alba eats meat, Lady Gaga meets Andy Cohen, and other things you may have missed this week.

1. Beyoncé went on vacation.

ID: 1637557

2. Amanda Seyfried shared this 3rd grade photo of herself:

ID: 1636797

3. Andy Cohen took a selfie with Lady Gaga.

ID: 1637568

4. Two people who have three names hung out.

ID: 1637537

5. Jessica Alba feasted.

ID: 1637513

6. Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse jumped out of a plane.

ID: 1637310

7. Tyler Posey played with a puppy.

ID: 1635181

8. Snooki’s baby introduced the new season of her show:

ID: 1637471

9. James Franco had what he called “lonely soosh.”

ID: 1636806

10. Paris Hilton posed for Terry Richardson:

ID: 1636744

11. Victoria Beckham shared this picture of her show at NYFW:

ID: 1637504

13. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lounged around in bed.

ID: 1634949

14. Diddy flew to Vegas.

ID: 1637478

15. Rihanna got what she later called her “cock clutch”:

ID: 1635651

16. Then she posed with Alexander Wang and Nicki Minaj:

ID: 1637503

17. Zac Posen posed with “his two favorite redheads!”

ID: 1637506

18. Nicky Hilton sat with Courtney Love.

ID: 1637523

19. John Stamos got a checkup on his heart.

ID: 1635653

20. Emmy Rossum wore a tiara for her birthday.

ID: 1637136

21. And Justin Bieber bought a hat.

ID: 1637533

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