Dave Franco And Chris Mintz-Plasse Are Taking You On A Cross Country Road Trip

The Neighbors costars are only one day in and it’s already amazing.

1. Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse are travelling across the US for a week for a LG campaign and are documenting it on Instagram.

ID: 1615324

2. So far there have been cats in ties.

ID: 1615303

4. Lots of suits.

ID: 1615317

5. So many suits.

ID: 1615321

6. They also officiated a wedding in Vegas.

ID: 1615299

7. Oh right, and they jumped out of a plane.

ID: 1615357

8. And looked adorable doing it.

ID: 1615479

9. What more could you want?

ID: 1615336

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