The First Tweets Of British Celebrities

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1. It’s now possible to search Twitter’s archives, using Topsy. This means you can do fun things like finding out what people’s first ever tweets were - here’s how:

It doesn’t work with every account - some don’t seem to be indexed - but you’ll be able to find the first tweets for most of them. (If you want to find you own first tweets, you can also use this method.)

2. Obviously, the first thing we thought of doing with this was finding out what some famous British Twitterers said the first time they tweeted.

3. This is pretty much the canonical “I am trying out this Twitter thing” first tweet from Jonathan Ross.

4. A functional opener from Stephen Fry.

Hello Twitterers. I'm About to fly to Africa for a new project and will be tweeting whilst I'm filming.

5. Caitlin Moran began on an aspirational note.

6. Ricky Gervais started by reminding us how he’s big in Hollywood.

Just seeing how this works. I'm hosting the Golden Globes on January 17th - they want me to do a running commentary on Twitter...

7. Brilliant work from the man who invented the World Wide Web.

Ooops confusing user interfxce. And no phones on on stage with radiomikes.

8. High quality opening salvo from Schofield here.

9. Strong anecdote about Carol Vorderman from Dara Ó Briain.

Cheltenham Science Fest: intro'd @Bengoldacre to Vorderman. Later told, "the one person Carol doesn't want to meet today is Ben Goldacre".

10. Peter Serafinowicz started as he would continue, with a solid gag.

11. Piers Morgan correctly anticipated that most people would just use Twitter to send him insults.

12. Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger showed an early commitment to uncovering THE TRUTH.

is northern line working? or do i use my davos snow grips (never used?)

13. Simon Cowell was so impressed with the fact that he is Simon Cowell that he made it into a hashtag.

Getty Images

14. Niall Horan was the only memeber of 1D to be on Twitter pre-fame. His first tweet was a retweet of Justin Bieber.

Let's do something positive. Vote for @PencilsOfPromis to help build schools for 75k kids in need. Just one click:

15. His next few tweets were also all directed at Bieber.

16. Then he said this, which is adorable.

Getty Images

17. The rest of One Direction’s first tweets are pretty meh.


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23. Some people LIED about what their first tweet was.

24. Look. LIES.

25. Some people hadn’t quite got the hang of the 140 characters thing.

Finally got twitter, still not on facebook but I thought I'd c wat dis twitter things all about so all u fake tuli (cont)

26. Professor Green was pessimistic about what Twitter held for him. Example, meanwhile, was simply stunned by what he’d just done.

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Professor Green’s tweet is here. Example’s tweet is here.

27. Example quickly got the hang of it though - these are his next two tweets:

not sure what to write about on here really i guess you just tell people what you're eating and wearing

ive had 2 pizzas today and i wore some old nike dunks to play in the snow next update will be interesting

29. Karen Gillan’s first tweet was fairly standard.

32. Both of Mitchell & Webb were forced to join because of people pretending to be them.

@RobertWebb72 The Party's over and you're busted. I've let Twitter know that you're an impersonator ps I live in a basement flat - tyles?

34. So was Eddie Izzard.

I am now really on Twitter. Someone was pretending to be me but I am me. I'll update a photo later to confirm. Eddie in N7 at the moment

35. And Chris Moyles.

Setting up my account and trying to work out who the hell 'Chris Moyles' and 'Chris Moyles Show' are cos they are NOT THE REAL ME, I AM!

36. Lucy from TOWIE seemed to believe she was corresponding directly with Twitter, the company.

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37. Some people were peer-pressured into joining.

I have been bullied into joining Twitter. Let's see how long this lasts. I reckon 8 days.

Following your emotional blackmailing and jokes about my lack of fame surely about to be picked up in a gossip column, I am now on twitter.

39. Some made a point of letting us know who’d bullied them into signing up.

Hello this is my first message. Graham Linehan told me I have to join.

Finally decided to tweet. Gia's fault. At heathrow on way to Delhi to film eclipse on Wednesday next week. Its raining apparently.

44. Some were puzzled.

45. Some discovered Twitter’s key role in procrastination early.

writing the first draft of a comedy sci-fi show, I should be doing that. I'm doing this!

46. Grace Dent nailed it with her first two tweets.

i honestly don't see the point of this. Grace is faffing about on her mac as a displacement activity. She has not written any novel today.

48. But the best first tweet? John Cleese. Unimprovable.

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