6 Pairings That Guarantee You Won’t Want To Miss A Second Of “Celebrity Big Brother”

Dappy. Liz Jones. Lee Ryan. Seriously.

Hi, Emma.

Via Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

You’re back. In the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Whose theme you have just described as “Russian opulence”.

This year, all housemates have been handcuffed together in pairs.

1. Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan are together.


Jim said he’s “dirty, smutty, homophobic, racist and sexist”. Linda said she hates “male chauvinist pigs”. AND NOW THEY HAVE TO PEE, HANDCUFFED TO EACH OTHER.

2. Dappy and Liz Jones are in the house too.

Getty / Stuart C. Wilson

Getty / Stuart C. Wilson


Although they’re not handcuffed together, because Jim and Linda elected to save them. BOOOO.

Still, Dappy will obviously be amazing because once he got kicked in the face by a horse…

*This is an imaginary reconstruction of the event.

… and then tweeted this picture of himself, wearing a onesie, with his attacker.



That’s why he told the Metro, “If someone says that their willy is bigger, I will have a measure-up.”

3. TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and Jasmine Waltz have been tied up.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty


Jasmin appears to be famous for sleeping with David Arquette and punching Lindsay Lohan, FYI.

And they’re an amazing pair because they are basically the same person.


4. (Single) Lee Ryan and (single) Casey Bachelor have been handcuffed together.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty


And this was Casey’s last bath.

5. Next up, MIC’s Ollie Locke and Lionel Blair.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty


Hang on, let’s revisit the fact that these people literally have to urinate, handcuffed to one another.

6. And finally, The Apprentice’s Luisa Zissman and Evander Holyfield (that man whose ear Mike Tyson once bit off) are a couple.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty




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