The Internet Loves Drawing Anderson Cooper

Fun fact: There’s a fairly big online community that draws cable news fan art, and boy do they love Anderson Cooper.

1. Steampunk Anderson Cooper

ID: 406598

2. “Alicorn Cooper”

ID: 406601

3. “The Silver Fox Of CNN”

ID: 406602

4. Superhero Anderson Cooper

ID: 406603

5. An Anderson Cooper Paper Doll

ID: 406608

8. Anderson Cooper as Mr. Freeze

ID: 406616

10. Hands Christian Anderson Cooper

[Ed. note: this one is brilliant]

ID: 406623

11. “True Beauty”

ID: 406636

From the artist:

NOTE: My mom saw this and said ‘He’s probably really gay, so people are going to think you’re disrespecting him. I know my mom is mostly just stupid (since that was her first thought), but this really has nothing to do with Anderson Cooper being gay or not gay. I don’t know or care if he is. I just think he’s cool, and this is how I show my appreciation.

ID: 406637

12. Ambleson Cooper 360 on PNN

ID: 406662

13. Cartoon Anderson Cooper

ID: 406750

14. Georgian Era Anderson Cooper

ID: 406668

15. Anderson Cooper and Keith Olberman talking about Legally Blonde The Musical

ID: 406683

17. A page from a comic book about super-powered news anchors

ID: 406716

18. Anderson Cooper Barbie

ID: 406726

20. Anderson Cooper with braided hair

ID: 406744

From the artist:

This is a piece of fanart for a multi-chapter fanfic in an LJ-community for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/The Colbert Report slash. Portrayed above are two of the chief protagonists, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper. I’d link to the story, but you’d have to be a member of the comm to see it since it’s friends-locked. About the fanfic, let’s just say it’s one of those dorky little firsts for me. About this drawing, though. I penciled it, had it scanned by Descartes and then I colored it in Photoshop. As a gift, I’m glad they liked it, I tried to put as much as I felt into it. As something just for me, I think it’s insufficient. Like everything I have ever done, from schoolwork to not work at all, there is a certain unfinished-ness to it. But whatever.

ID: 406810

22. Bill O’Reilly, Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert

ID: 406814

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