9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring the dog who tried to fly, a beautifully simple response to hate, and the cop who pulled people over to hand them $100 instead of a ticket.

1. 13 Things Only Siblings Understand

Did you grow up with siblings? Because if you did, this video will speak to you on an incredibly deep level. (2:10)

ID: 2733083
ID: 2733084

3. When Being Pulled Over Is Awesome

Can being pulled over by the police ever be a good thing? Yes it can, as this wonderful prank from Break’s Prank It Forward campaign demonstrates. (4:47)

ID: 2733088
ID: 2733097

5. Dog Tries To Fly, Fails Adorably

It’s really important to believe in yourself. But it also makes sense to know your limits. (0:27)

ID: 2733099
ID: 2733102

7. The Totally Freaky Internet Privacy Prank

These people were asked to do an interview about online privacy. They didn’t realize that the interview would show them how little privacy they actually have. (2:48)

ID: 2733107
ID: 2733110

9. A Beautifully Simple Response To Hate

Honey Maid received some hateful comments for their recent “This Is Wholesome” ad, which featured gay and mixed-race parents. Their response was simple and lovely. (1:44)

ID: 2733124
ID: 2733125

11. True Facts About The Octopus

“To the octopus, human sex looks really, really boring, like we’re just saying hello to each other.” Yup, octopuses are weird. (6:14)

ID: 2733129
ID: 2733132

13. Bulldog Puppy Kisses Baby

Slobbery kisses are the best kisses. They just are. (0:49)

ID: 2733137
ID: 2733142

15. #WEWILLRUN, An Incredibly Powerful Look Ahead To The Boston Marathon

The first Boston Marathon since last year’s tragedy is still over two weeks away. But the goosebumps you get from this video will make you want that race to start ASAP. (2:08)

ID: 2733164
Video available at: http://vimeo.com/90571041.
ID: 2733165

17. Stop That Van!

This week in security camera theater: A FedEx delivery man who’s definitely had better days. Wait for it. (1:01)

ID: 2733146
ID: 2733153

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