The 29 Greatest Readers’ Letters In The History Of Everything

There is no impotent rage like that contained in a letter to the editor. Some of these via Pointless Letters.

2. When this letters page editor lost the will to live.

5. This grumpy person, complaining to the Wall Street Journal.

11. This hoarder.

14. Coffee drinkers = “poncey divs”.

15. This depressing cat news.

17. H Moody, who is frightened of the rat apocalypse.

18. This charming note about cheese dreams.

21. This terrifically important letter.

22. You can always rely on “Eggy Pump” to say something profound.

23. Whoever tried to link a (not entirely true) story about a massive shark to the UK’s immigration story.

24. When someone sent in a picture of pancake that looks like Alfred Hitchcock.

25. When this person compared Mumford and Sons to a horde of invading Nazis.

It reads: “The closer we get to the Mumford and Sons concert in Troy, the more I think I know how the French must have felt as the Nazi forces were marching across Europe and into Paris.

“An army of darkness has aligned against the city of Troy. These people are going to roll into our quiet little town and there is seemingly nothingwe can do about it. They are going to leave a path of destruction in their wake. I have no doubt there will be laws broken, morals destroyed, drug and alcohol paraphernalia left behind and a football stadium destroyed.”

26. This person alerted The Daily Telegraph to the great Dijon vs pigeon debate.

27. Whe this person apologised for an embarrassing Victoria Sponge Incident.

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