25 Best Fictional Presidents And The Actors Who Played Them

After months of careful deliberation, here are the official rankings, judged on the grounds of believability, badassness, dance moves, and foreign policy.

25. Billy Bob Thornton in “Love Actually”

He was the British caricature of a U.S. president: bold, arrogant, and horny.

ID: 677014

24. Luke Wilson in “Idiocracy”

He lied to us about AT&T’s cell phone coverage. Never forget.

ID: 677081

23. Mark Harmon in “Chasing Liberty”

Real Presidents comb their hair.

ID: 677114

22. Alan Alda in “Canadian Bacon”

His incompetency nearly started a nuclear war with Canada.

ID: 677048

21. Dennis Quaid in “American Dreamz”

Because having a president judge American Idol is terrifyingly plausible.

ID: 677140

20. Kelsey Grammer in “Swing Vote”

He possesses the kind of smugness only world leaders are born with.

ID: 677119

19. Danny Glover in “2012”

He’s getting too old to save the world from the damn Mayan apocalypse.

ID: 677211

18. Tim Robbins in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”

He laughed in the face of evil… Doctor. Evil.

ID: 677244

17. Michael Keaton in “First Daughter”

Because he’s still the best Batman.

ID: 677100

16. Leslie Nielsen in “Scary Movie 4”

Because we all know if Ja Rule was pulling the strings behind the scenes we’d never be in this mess.

ID: 677105

15. Gene Hackman in “Absolute Power”

Is there anything more presidential than accidentally murdering your mistress?

ID: 677208

14. Chris Rock in “Head of State”

Bernie Mac was his running mate.

ID: 677130

13. Lloyd Bridges in “Hot Shots Part Deux”

Converting a bust of Lincoln into a cookie jar takes creativity.

ID: 677206

12. George Clooney in “Spy Kids 3-D”

Because when Clooney asks you to jump, every man, woman, and child asks, “How high?”

ID: 677235

11. Terry Crews in “Idiocracy”

Does this picture need a caption?

ID: 677058

10. Jack Nicholson in “Mars Attacks”

He fought aliens…and lost.

ID: 677167

9. Michael Douglas in “The American President”

He looks good in a suit?

ID: 677192

8. Kevin Kline in “Dave”

Presidential look-alike who proves that Will Ferrell could have stepped in for George W. Bush and no one would have noticed!

ID: 677157

7. Gene Hackman in “Welcome to Mooseport”

Ray Ramano never stood a chance.

ID: 677152

6. John Travolta in “Primary Colors”

The master of implied unpretentious sincerity. He makes you forget his philandering ways with a wink and a smile.

ID: 677251

5. Dennis Haysbert in “24”

That voice!

ID: 677222

4. Bill Pullman in “Independence Day”

He fought aliens…and won.

ID: 677147

3. Martin Sheen in “The West Wing”

He won a Noble Prize in economics and smoked a cigarette in the National Cathedral.

ID: 677173

2. Morgan Freeman in “Deep Impact”

He calmly presided over the country when an imminent asteroid attack threatened humanity.

ID: 677198

1. Harrison Ford in “Air Force One”

Four words: “GET OFF MY PLANE!”

ID: 677126

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