24 Questions Disney Left Unanswered

We NEED answers.

1. Pocahontas

How could Pocahontas communicate with John Smith if he was the first English man she’d met?

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2. Toy Story

Why did some toys have voices and others didn’t?

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3. Aladdin

One of Aladdin’s wishes was to become a prince. When it came true, does that mean the Genie created an entire kingdom for Aladdin? And if so, what happened to those people?

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4. Monsters, Inc.

When Boo went missing, what did her parents think happened to her?

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5. Up!

And what about Russell’s parents?

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6. The Little Mermaid

What the hell did Ariel do between finding out about the wedding at sundown and the actual wedding? That’s an entire day.

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7. The Little Mermaid

How does Ursula paint her nails under water?

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8. The Little Mermaid

Why did Ursula used to live in the palace? And why was she banished?

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9. The Little Mermaid

Why didn’t Prince Eric think Ariel was a psychopath? She combed her hair WITH A FORK in the middle of their dinner.

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10. The Little Mermaid

Why was Ariel OK with the fact that they were serving seafood? She is a mermaid, therefore she grew up surrounded by seafood.

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11. Finding Nemo

How did Nemo’s fin get damaged if he was an egg? Did he even have fins that early on?

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12. Beauty and the Beast

Why didn’t Beast know how to use a fork? He was a human.

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13. Sleeping Beauty

Why didn’t Aurora’s parents just freaking invite Maleficent?

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14. Sleeping Beauty

How would have Aurora survived her slumber without food or drink?

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15. Cinderella

Why didn’t Cinderella ever try to run away?

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16. The Jungle Book

Mowgli was found in an abandoned canoe. What exactly happened to Mowgli’s parents? Where were they going in the canoe?

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17. Wall-E

Why was Wall-E the only unit of his kind left?

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18. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Why are the dwarfs pulling jewels out of the ground? What do they do with them after mining them?

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19. Hercules

How did Hades never know that Hercules was chilling as a mortal? His brother liked him enough to invite him to the birthday party but not to let him know he was watching his son grow up as a mortal?

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20. The Incredibles

Why didn’t the government warn the Incredibles about a trap? If they were tracking all superheroes, wouldn’t they have known about several of them being killed?

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21. The Lion King

Does Scar have a real name? What was he called before he received his scar?

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22. 101 Dalmatians

Anita and Cruella de Vil are supposed to be the same age? And why are they friends? Cruella is kinda rude.

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23. Tangled

How was Rapunzel even able to hold her head up? Wouldn’t it be heavy as shit with all that hair?

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24. Frozen

Why didn’t Olaf melt when they were visiting the trolls? There was no snow to be found yet there were steam geysers.

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