The 21 Biggest Jerks Of 2012

These tweets are actually the worst.

1. This girl who can’t take a compliment.

ID: 747999

2. This person who lulz at hungry people. Also Africa. Also the delete button.

ID: 747117

3. This waiter hater.

ID: 747407

4. These people who want to assassinate the president.

ID: 742592

5. Swastika trenders.

ID: 748051

6. These reverse-racism activists.

ID: 747248

7. All these drunk drivers.

ID: 747166

8. This equal opportunity racist.

ID: 747303

9. This woman having a personal conversation with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

ID: 747300

10. This rapist trying to make it easier for himself.

ID: 747365

11. These parents who dressed their babies like Hitler.

ID: 747589

12. This guy who wants to sell his future daughter for money and fame.

ID: 747689

13. This guy who is not nice.

ID: 747917

14. This guy who just became Bill Nye’s archnemesis.

ID: 747743

15. This person who doesn’t understand why the White House is white.

ID: 747802

16. This person concerned about human extinction.

ID: 747868

17. This lady who wants children to dumb 4eva!!!1!

ID: 747903

18. These people who will make great parents one day.

ID: 748037

19. These girls who think feminism sucks.

ID: 747949

20. This teenager.

ID: 747987

21. Chris Brown. Still.

From his Twitter fight with comedienne/producer Jenny Johnson.

ID: 742666

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