8 Reasons Why “Outside Mullingar” Is Debra Messing’s Best Gig Yet

She was made for the stage.

1. It’s her Broadway debut, and her roots are actually in theatre.

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She majored in theatre arts and was in the pre-Broadway workshop of Angels in America.

2. She speaks in a solid Irish accent even though she, unlike the rest of the cast, isn’t actually Irish.

(She totally pulls it off!)

3. The play is by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley (in the light brown coat) who also wrote Doubt and Moonstruck.

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It’s a love story about two introverted middle-aged Irish landowners. And it’s been getting good reviews!

4. And, plot-wise, it’s similar to Moonstruck, so Debra Messing is basically like an Irish Cher.

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They’re both women who keep getting nagged by their families about their age and how they haven’t found a spouse, both tough on the outside and romantic on the inside, both strong women who drive the story and are really entertaining to watch.

5. She is also working with an incredibly talented cast.

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Her love interest is played by Tony-winner Brían F. O’Byrne (Mildred Pierce, Doubt) and her co-stars include Peter Maloney (Requium For a Dream, Dinner at Eight) and Dearbhla Molloy (Educating Rita, Arcadia).

6. It’s a romantic comedy, and she is the QUEEN of romantic comedies.

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Will & Grace and The Wedding Date. Enough said.

7. But her character is also dark and complex, which we haven’t really seen her play before.

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She plays a 36-year-old depressed, chain-smoking farmer who is secretly in love with her neighbor.

8. Mostly though, she encompasses a little bit of the awkwardness in all of us, which is super fun to watch.

^ This is us. This is all of us.

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