New 7-Minute Toy Story Short “Small Fry” To Play Before The Muppets

So you’re telling me that I get The Muppets and a new Toy Story adventure? I must be dreaming. I cannot wait.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger (Hamm) and Joan Cusack (Jessie) will all return to voice their characters.

The plot follows a McDonalds Happy Meal-like toy who is jealous of Buzz’s being a real toy that gets played with frequently. The Happy Meal toy kidnaps Buzz and takes his place, while the real Buzz goes to a support group for the left-over Happy Meal toys. Woody notices the switch and sets out to bring Buzz back.

My only concern is that this sounds like it could be an awesome full length feature. I want more than 7-minutes! That said, I could not possibly more excited.


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