The 39 Most Spectacular @Darth Photoshops Of 2013

Darth is a steadfastly anonymous Twitter user who makes some of the funniest Photoshops you’ve ever seen. Here’s his best work from 2013!

1. Charlotte’s Webcam

2. Edward Snowden on a red panda

3. “Google island”

7. The World is Fat

8. The Da Vinci Cod

9. “Snoop Lion”

11. “If only it were so easy”

12. “Spotifeed”

13. Everyone Snoops

14. Garlic scape season

20. “The halfcat strut”

25. Rob Ford coat of arms

27. “Save it for a rainy day”

31. “Tuesday”

34. A sample Amanda Bynes tweet:

36. Corgis take over BuzzFeed:

37. “Just a matter of time: the sequel”

39. “Diet Coke kitten”

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