The 39 Most Spectacular @Darth Photoshops Of 2013

Darth is a steadfastly anonymous Twitter user who makes some of the funniest Photoshops you’ve ever seen. Here’s his best work from 2013!

1. Charlotte’s Webcam

2. Edward Snowden on a red panda

3. “Google island”

4. #BooksWithALetterMissing:


7. The World is Fat

8. The Da Vinci Cod

9. “Snoop Lion”

10. Pitbull Cyrus

@ShanersMD @dananicolehuss #pitbullcyrus

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

11. “If only it were so easy”

12. “Spotifeed”

13. Everyone Snoops

14. Garlic scape season

15. Edward Snowden & Vladimir Putin

@sidhubaba @Ali_Gharib “you’ll be safe down here, ed”

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

16. #BoringVideoGames:

EA Madmen 63 MT @midnight: It's an @midnight Photoshop Challenge! Make box art for your fave #BoringVideoGames

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

*boxcover* RT @jbarro: Call of Jury Duty #boringvideogames

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

*gamebox* RT @MySharona1987: #BoringVideoGames @midnight Perfectly Relaxed Birds

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

supermarioshoppingkart MT @midnight: It's an @midnight Photoshop Challenge! Make box art for your #BoringVideoGames

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

20. “The halfcat strut”

21. Instagramski:

@juliacarriew @JAMyerson #SocialistMedia

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

22. Rocket frog is OK:

frog is ok! MT @pourmecoffee: This picture of yesterday's @NASA launch is poignant because of the birds.

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

23. That time Alec Baldwin held cute dogs:

wait his name is alec not alex wat RT @redgirlsays: @EvelynRusli @darth yesss

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

24. Jack Dorsey & Batkid:

dang it this guy in front of me keeps Vining himself into the #BatKid scenes i can’t see a thing :(

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

25. Rob Ford coat of arms

26. Macklecyrus:

like macklemore, kat? RT @KatMcKinley: @bennyjohnson Thank you for not photoshopping him naked. twitter thanks you.

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

27. “Save it for a rainy day”

28. #OlderMusicians:

*cover* RT @SMASEY: Lana Del Grey #OlderMusicians

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

*cover* RT @Jonode: The Notorious AARP @midnight #OlderMusicians

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

*cover* RT @TheSwail: Mumford and Grandsons #OlderMusicians @midnight

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

31. “Tuesday”

32. “A bald eagle doing science while wearing lab goggles”

@hassankhan ok hassan just use it for good not evil

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

33. Updated “You’ve Got Mail”

ok amanda *poster* RT @alucci: i need this to become a rom com @CameronDiaz @RobLowe

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

34. A sample Amanda Bynes tweet:

35. Being John Boehner:

@jbendery @noamscheiber @tnr #beingjohnboehner

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

36. Corgis take over BuzzFeed:

37. “Just a matter of time: the sequel”

38. A thriller about Twitter users:

*poster MT @paleofuture: remake of interview with the vampire but instead of a vampire someone who uses twitterdotcom

— darth (@darthmaspotato™)

39. “Diet Coke kitten”

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