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The Verdict Is In — "Jury Duty" Is The Best Comedy Show In Years, And These 29 Hilarious Moments Are The Proof

I still don't think chair pants were given a fair chants.

🚨 Warning: Jury Duty spoilers ahead! 🚨

If you haven’t seen Jury Duty yet, here’s a quick rundown of the premise: a group of actors portraying jurors evaluate a made-up trial while being captured by cameras…

The cast members of "Jury Duty" are interviewed together

Only, there’s a catch — one juror, Ronald Gladden, is a non-actor who is aware he’s being filmed but has no idea that he’s surrounded by performers and semi-scripted situations.

Ronald smiles in the "Jury Duty" courtroom

The show is hands down one of the funniest releases in years. James Marsden plays a fictionalized, hilarious version of himself, and other actors like Mekki Leeper and Edy Modica are also amazing in the series. Another enjoyable element is how Ronald proves himself to be a likable contributor as he remains kind, even-keeled, and supportive toward his fellow jurors, no matter how crazy things get.

The "Jury Duty" cast laughs as they leave Margaritaville

Here are 29 laugh-out-loud moments that sum up why Jury Duty needs to be on your must-watch list.

1. When Ronald and James first met, and they discussed James' films.

Ronald talks to James about "Sonic the Hedgehog"

2. When this woman was brutally honest about how she felt regarding jury duty.

A woman tells Judge Rosen that jury duty is "not [her] thing"

3. When Ross (Ross Kimball) tried every angle to escape jury duty.

Ross tries to get of jury duty by mentioning how his students need him

4. When Ronald then watched Sonic the Hedgehog to support James, but his approach wasn't exactly what James was hoping for.

James Marsden describes his "Sonic the Hedgehog" profits to Ronald

5. When Jeannie (Edy Modica) explained her crush on Noah (Mekki Leeper).

Jeannie opens up about why she finds Noah attractive

6. When James and Lonnie (Ishmel Sahid) were almost off the hook before being named alternate jurors.

James Marsden is upset with being selected as an alternate juror

7. When James arranged for the paparazzi to come to court in hopes of getting off jury duty.

The paparazzi visits the courthouse, courtesy of James Marsden

8. When James was waiting for a call regarding a role in a "movie," Lone Pine, so handing over his cell phone was not an ideal part of sequestration.

Bailiff Nikki collects the phones of the jury members, much to James Marsden's dismay

9. When Vanessa (Cassandra Blair) wasn't here for James' act.

Vanessa says she didn't recognize James Marsden

10. When defense attorney Shaun Sanders (Evan Williams) referenced a figure that was just slightly off.

Trevor's attorney, Shaun, makes an inaccurate statement in court

11. When Shaun's animated presentation was not helping Trevor's case.

Shaun shows an animated video to the jury

12. When food was a focus for the jury.

Pat discusses the jury's food situation

13. When Todd (David Brown) tested out several unique inventions, including chair pants, aka chants.

Todd wears chair pants as he enters the courtroom

14. When Jeannie heard that Noah's girlfriend, Heidi, was on vacation without him, and she questioned Heidi's honesty.

Jeannie is skeptical of Heidi's claim that she's on vacation with women only

15. When Lonnie got moved up from alternate juror to juror, and he really got into the case.

Lonnie shares how he's becoming invested in the case of Hilgrove v. Morris

16. When the case just wasn't captivating enough to keep Barbara (Susan Berger) awake (and she denied falling asleep).

Barbara falls asleep during court, then claims she was awake the whole time

17. When Genevieve Telford-Warren (Lisa Gilroy), an acquaintance of Jacqui's, offered some insight in court.

Genevieve takes the stand to discuss how an influencer spoke negatively of Cinnamon & Sparrow

18. When Barbara had a sweet craving.

Barbara wishes for birthday cake

19. When James immersed himself in the Lone Pine character of Caleb, an "everyman."

James Marsden, in character as Caleb, sits on a forklift

20. When Ronald beat James at arm wrestling.

Ronald defeats James in arm wrestling at Margaritaville

21. When Ken (Ron Song) spoke his mind.

Ken talks about not wanting to be present for jury duty

22. When Trevor decided to represent himself, and he was doing the most.

Trevor Morris runs back and forth in the courtroom while representing himself

23. When James didn't get the part of Caleb, and he wasn't pleased to hear who was offered it instead.

James Marsden learns he lost out on the role of Caleb to Chris Pine, and he throws a phone out of anger

24. When James had an outburst at a birthday party, thinking it was a show of sympathy for him.

James Marsden throws a tantrum at Ross's birthday party

25. When Jeannie gave her take on the closing arguments.

Jeannie praises Trevor and criticizes Jacqui after their closing arguments

26. When Inez (Maria Russell) broke down the complexity of Jacqui.

Inez describes her mixed feelings toward Jacqui Hilgrove

27. When Noah and Jeannie started dating, and the relationship influenced Noah's outlook.

Noah reveals that he, like Jeannie, is anxious about the end of the trial

28. When Inez emphasized the importance of courtroom fashion.

Inez critiques the outfits of Trevor and his lawyer, Shaun

29. When, at the close of the show, Ronald came to the realization that he could still be summoned for jury duty at any time.

Ronald realizes he could still have to serve as a juror

I rest my case! Now, go ahead and watch Jury Duty on Amazon Freevee. (Or rewatch it if you've already seen it, because it really is that good!)