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    • jadenr

      we are far off course as a nation when someone attempts a positive act, only to receive the opposite as a reaction…I first saw this guy on Ellen. and she doesn’t or wouldn’t support someone pandering to the gay community - esp on her own show.
      but more than that, no one said kris kluwe(formally of the Vikings) was pandering to gays…we need strong allies in the str8 community, after all.
      and unless I’m mistaken, the only person or entity upset was Le1f the rapper.(whom I adore, btw) and tht was bc he accused Mac of stealing the track for ‘thrift shop’(NOT THE LYRICS,just the backing track) and I would agree that the two tracks sound quite similar, but we don’t know the contractual situation surrounding it. when I think about it, how can highlighting a MASSIVE nat’l issue putting those optics before the public be so misconstrued?? and please, if I don’t understand something of have missed an aspect of this discussion let me know. meanwhile, SMDH