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    25 Things You Didn’t Know About Pauly D

    Five years after The Jersey Shore first aired on MTV, we caught up with the world famous DJ about what he's up to now.

    Janette Pellegrini / Via Getty Images

    1. DJing in New Jersey “feels like home” to him.

    Janette Pellegrini / Via Getty Images

    "It definitely feels like home for me. Literally all my friends and family go to these gigs because sometimes they don't want to venture all the way out to Vegas. So, the New Jersey gigs feel like home."

    2. He wishes he learned how to play the piano when he was younger.

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    "DJ Mustard is on every single beat in the world. These people are piano men, they can play instruments, so as a kid I wish I would've played that kind of instrument. They're making a lot of money, these guys."

    3. He’s working on a full album.

    Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

    "I'm working on the album now and as I come out with songs I'm going to be dropping them. There's no rush on when the actual album will come out but I will put together a full album when the time's right, I feel."

    4. DJ Pauly D isn’t shy about who he wants to work with in the future.

    Pauly D / Via

    "I'd love to work with all the top artists; I'd love to work with Nicki Minaj or Rihanna or something like that. I like the female artists. And as for DJs that are killing it right now, my friend Diplo, he's killin' it. Skrillex is killin' it. I'd love to work with them as well. They're out in Vegas with me a lot."

    5. He hangs out with Diplo on his days off.

    Pauly D / Via

    "Diplo plays on a Monday and I usually have Mondays off so I'll see him sometimes out at Encore [hotel resort]. And then we both have Tuesdays off, so we got this boat and we hit Lake Mead in Las Vegas. He's cool."

    6. He has a great relationship with G Unit and 50 Cent, who signed him back in 2011.

    Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images

    "I'm doing what I love to do. The fact that 50 Cent even knew I existed was amazing to me and then I signed to his label. That was dope. And they're great to work with too. It's been a crazy, crazy ride."

    7. Pauly D has been DJing since he was 14 years old.

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    "I love music and I love playing loud music, so every time I would hear a car drive by with the loud music I'd be like, 'When I get a car and my license I want to have loud music like that.' So I ended up having music for my car in my room before I even had a car."

    8. His favorite part about DJing is the crowd interaction.

    Janette Pellegrini / Via Getty Images

    "You can tell when playing music when the crowd's feeling it; it's almost like you own them and you're controlling them. That's my favorite moment when I'm DJing: When everybody's looking at you, everybody's engaged, they're either singing the song or they have their hands up and they're just waiting for that drop. And that's what gives them that experience of a Pauly D party. They come back for it."

    9. His favorite artist right now is Bobby Shmurda.

    Pauly D / Via

    "There's something with that dance, maybe there's like a subliminal message, everybody just goes nuts when they hear that beat. I've seen him getting interviewed and people were just going up to him and doing the dance, like, people he didn't even know. I just saw a viral video of a 5-year-old singing the entire song, I was flipping out. I shared it on my Facebook and as a caption I put, 'I'm dying' 'cause I was dying laughing. A 5-year-old should not know these words, I don't even know all the words and this kid knew every word. He acted it out; I was dying. It's takin' over the world, I'm telling you."

    10. He has a new single out called “No Tomorrow.”

    "I wanted to come out with a club song, something for the club. I did 'Back to Love' which was more for the radio, with Jay Sean, so for this next one I actually wanted to do something that I could play in the club that'll really get them going. Almost like a Lil' Jon 'Turn Down for What'-type of song, so I could get the club jumpin' like there's no tomorrow. It's a really hard beat."

    11. And he has a lot of fun playing his own music as a DJ.

    Marc Andrew Deley / Via Getty Images

    "It took a while because I wanted to do something like an anthem to get everybody going, so they could chant it and then they could get their hands up and get the club jumpin'. And literally when I play it they all start jumpin', so it worked out. I tried it on Labor Day. That's what's cool about putting out songs too when you're a DJ because it's your music. DJs have the luxury of playing everybody else's music and now if you have the luxury of being a producer you get to play your music as well, so it's almost like the best of both worlds."

    12. Basically, music is his life.

    MTV / Via

    "I love music, every single aspect of it. I love playing it, I love performing it, I love making it — music's my life. What's pretty cool about being a DJ is I'm able to do what I love to do for a living."

    13. People in New Zealand love DJ Pauly D too.

    MTV / Via

    "I'm actually doing a festival in New Zealand at the end of September. It's pretty cool 'cause it's my second time going to New Zealand and last time I went there was for a surprise. It was a corporate gig I was doing, and no one was supposed to know I was going to New Zealand, but the people at the hotel were like, 'I think I just saw Pauly D.' They called the radio station so it wasn't much of a surprise after they found out I was there. So at least this time I can go back and advertise that I'm going now. And now I can go and actually see it, I can see all the sights and stuff. New Zealand goes nuts. I didn't know that until it leaked that I was there from the radio station. They actually had a hashtag to get Pauly D to call the station and I couldn't 'cause I was hiding in New Zealand 'cause of the surprise."

    14. His favorite place that he’s traveled to is the Bahamas.

    MTV / Via

    "I really like the Bahamas believe it or not; it's my favorite place to go. It's so nice, the weather's beautiful, the water, the beaches, and it has a few different areas. When you really want to turn up you can go to Atlantis, or you can go a couple hotels down and there's no one there. So you can be secluded if you want to, or you can turn up if you want to. I like going there."

    15. Cutting his hair was not an easy decision for him.

    Pauly D / Via Facebook: DJPAULYD

    "It took years and years, and everyone was like, 'When are you gonna cut it? When are you gonna cut it?' I'm like, 'I don't want to! Why should I cut it? I don't want to!' Then one day I was like, I just think it's time. I actually woke up one morning and was like, I think it's time. I didn't want to just come out with the photo, I wanted to do something along with it, and I happened to be working on a song so I was like, let me do the cover art for the song with the new haircut and we can shock the world and see what happens. It was cool because I didn't want to completely change it so it's still spiked up and stuff like that but it's no longer a blowout. RIP to the blowout."

    16. It used to take him 25 minutes every day to do his hair.

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    "For a guy, that's pretty bad. There's one thing that I do know is I have so much extra time in the morning now that I don't have to do this blowout. I woke up and I didn't even know what to do with myself — I allowed too much time for the airport; I was extra early. I have so much time, so I was arriving at the airport too early now and I don't want to wait around."

    17. Even though it’s been five years since Jersey Shore first aired, Pauly D still keeps in touch with the rest of the cast.

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    "Every now and then something will come up or somebody will be in Vegas. Just for instance, a couple weeks ago Ronnie was in Vegas and he hit me up. He was like, 'Are you in Vegas?' I was like, 'I'm in Vegas, let's go out.' So we went out."

    18. And he recently celebrated Ronnie being single in Las Vegas.

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    "He's recently single now so he's in pure single mode. I'm like, 'You gotta relax.' He's going extra hard, but we had a good time. I like single Ronnie; I always used to say that too. I can't believe that they [Ronnie and Sammi] lasted as long as they did, but now they're broken for good."

    19. But he also admitted you never know what the future holds for those two.

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    "You never really do know."

    20. He hasn’t met JWoww's new baby yet, but he has confidence she’ll be a great mom.

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    "I've been talking to Jenni and she loves it; she loves being a mother. And I think she'll be a great mother too."

    21. Pauly D has met Lorenzo, Snooki's son, and gets a kick out of him.

    MTV / Via

    "He's a trip. They had him in the bathtub one time and they did his hair with a blowout and they were like, 'Pauly D, how's my hair?' and I still have that photo; it's so hilarious. He's adorable."

    22. He’s excited for the next chapter of their lives they’re all embarking on.

    MTV / Via

    "It's cool 'cause I was with them through the whole thing. It's so funny, we started out with single Nicole almost, like, snookin' for love we used to say, and everything she went through to get to this point, and now she's at this point. It's cool I was a part of it. And the same thing with Jenni, we watched her be single then go through that whole thing with Tom, and now she found Roger. We love Roger. I love Roger; he's so cool. They make a great couple; she puts him in his place and he puts her in her place — I think it's perfect. So, it's just cool I got to witness the whole process of it. It's something we'll remember for the rest of our lives."

    23. Especially since the cast has come a long way.

    Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

    "So much has happened. What's cool about the show is, some people look at their photo albums to look at memories, I just watch the reruns to look at memories. They've been running the reruns every Thursday, almost like a throwback Thursday. So many things I forgot had happened I rewatch and I'm like, 'Oh I remember that.' We had a lot of great times. I had a great time the whole time; I never really had much drama, so, it was always fun, fun, fun. Fun for me watching their drama."

    24. He has as new, upgraded routine since his GTL days, and it’s called: PBC.

    MTV / Via

    "Now it's always planes, then I do my music, so beats, and also clubs. If I had to think of a new acronym it would be: PBC. GTL's a lot easier for people to do. Now, planes, beats, and clubs, that's a tough one."

    25. If he could go back in time he wouldn’t do anything differently.

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    "I think I did everything right. I was worried though, I didn't know what I was getting myself into with the television stuff. I didn't want to lose my job in Rhode Island as a DJ, so that's what I was nervous about. I got other DJs to cover my nights. I was like, 'I'm going to Jersey for 30 days, I'll be right back I promise.' I got these DJs to cover for me, filmed the show, and came right back and my jobs were waiting for me. But I still did everything right, I don't think I would do anything different."