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27 Questions Europeans Need To Answer Right Now

Why do Swedish people always talk about periods or the weather?

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1. Sweden

Thinkstock / Twitter: @smegturney

2. The UK

3. Italy

Why do Italian men love working out whilst brandishing elaborate gold chains? #lifesmysteries

4. Finland

Why do Finnish people all talk like disappointed hamsters? #F1 #Raikkonen #Hakkinen

5. Poland

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6. Malta

Also why do maltese ppl define sightseeing as taking photo of thing?? That's not what it is man

7. Armenia

Why do Armenian girls finish every sentence like a question?

8. The Netherlands

Why do Dutch people have to be so tall strained my neck last night

9. Turkey

Twitter: @DEMENTEDXO / Thinkstock

10. Belgium

Why do Belgian people never finish their words

11. Denmark

12. Spain

Why do spanish people take facebook so serious

13. Russia

Twitter: @Guti09 / Thinkstock

14. Cyprus

Why do Cypriots applaud when the pilot lands the aeroplane?? No one applauds me when I carry out my admin duties at the Council ffs...

15. Iceland

Why do Icelandic people eat so many animal heads

16. Austria

why do austrian feel the need to always go on ski trips

17. France

18. Portugal

why do people speak portuguese shouldnt it be portugoose i mean its only one language why is it plural

19. Norway

Why aren’t all Norwegians fat troglodytes who never go outside? How do they exercise in all the snow?

20. Germany

why do german people sound so mad when they speak?

21. Albania

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22. Greece

Why do Greek people have to tell EVERYONE that they're Greek!?!?!!?!?!?

23. Ukraine

Why do ukranian girls like dressing like ariana Grande for Halloween

24. Ireland

My question remains why do Irish people not own proper rain gear ???

25. Croatia

Twitter: @Mrmatthenry / Thinkstock

26. Czech Republic

why do czech girls always dance about 20bpm slower than the tune?

27. Hungary

why do Hungarians put cheese in all of their desserts and chocolate bars I just dgi