28 Of The Greatest Moments In The History Of Parenting

The history of parenting has been a history of setbacks, advances, and a few brief moments of genius. These are some of those moments.

1. April 9, 2013, when the most ambitious parenting idea of all sprang into being.

ID: 1557862

2. The great Lion King discovery of 2006.

ID: 1557382

3. The historic day when an enterprising parent figured out how to use the Wi-Fi password to their advantage.

ID: 1557378

4. And a dad who figured out how to make the most of his baby.

ID: 1557379

5. The day someone invented the Get Along shirt.

ID: 1557375

6. And the day when parents figured out how to end gender stereotypes once and for all.

ID: 1557387

7. The moment when Dad figured out how to text and was immediately great at it.

ID: 1557399

8. The moment when two brilliant parents took the perfect vacation photo to send to their kids.

ID: 1557372

9. The moment when this dad figured out how to combine a great punishment with a great T-shirt.

ID: 1557402

10. And another parent figured out the perfect punishment for oversharing.

ID: 1557707

11. The day when this genius discovery was made.

ID: 1557404

12. And this one.

ID: 1557406

13. And this one.

ID: 1557879

14. The moment when a mom figured out the best way to get her child to pay attention.

ID: 1557856

15. And another mom figured out the perfect way to stop her kids from snooping around in her room.

ID: 1557702

16. The moment when a dad creatively changed his daughter’s mind.

ID: 1557863

17. And the day when Mom came up with the most epic burn of all time.

ID: 1557859

18. This amazing step forward in parent-photobombing technique.

ID: 1557413

19. And this one.

ID: 1557415

20. Every day a loving dad willingly sacrifices himself by attending a One Direction concert with his daughter.

ID: 1557788

21. And heroic dads fight valiantly with moths and other monsters.

ID: 1557854

22. The day a proud dad taught his son how to use the Force.

ID: 1557918

23. Every day that a mom teaches her kid to think outside the box.

ID: 1557945

24. And the day Elissa beat her daddy in an election fair and square.

ID: 1557947

25. The epic day when this happened.

ID: 1557963

26. When Tony Hawk figured out a diplomatic and practical way to stop his kids from fighting.

ID: 1557983

27. Every day that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband walk the Earth.

ID: 1557704

28. And every time a parent has ever had the genius idea to give their baby a lemon.

ID: 1558341

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