The 30 Most Powerful Photobombs Of The Year

Never stop ‘bombing, you guys. And stingrays.

30. The OK Cupid photobomb

29. This incredibly talented celebrity photobomber

Splash News

28. Ryan Seacrest photobombing Gary Lineker

27. The photobomb that will haunt your dreams forever

26. The derpy bikinibomb

25. The love-making giraffes photobomb

23. The surprised-cat-ruining-a-selfie photobomb

22. The dog who photobombed the sexy photoshoot

21. Keanu Reeves photobombing a bunch of drunk girls dressed as Ninja Turtles.

20. The time a pig man photobombed Paris Hilton

19. The kids who photobombed the President with a surprise kiss.

18. Seal photobomb

17. The drink-spill photobomb

16. The angry-robot newscast photobomb

15. The Colbert photobomb

14. The Chris Bosh photobomb

13. The smiling creepy sawfish photobomb

12. The epic proposal photobomb

10. Live-action basketball photobomb

9. The dog butt photobomb

8. Tina Feytobomb

7. Tina Feytobomb part 2

6. The mischievous emu photobomb

5. The adorable tail photobomb

3. The legendary Mitt Romney Chipotle photobomber

Charles Dharapak / AP

2. The magical slothobomb

1. And the photobomb that changed the world: The stingray photobomb.

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