11 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Needs Me

We’ll call this an alternative cover letter.

Hey there, BuzzFeed!

ID: 1870127

I hope you are doing well!

If you are doing well, this will make things easier.

ID: 1870130

I really think you’re great.

ID: 1870136

As a result, I would really like to work for you

ID: 1870141

And here are 11 great reasons why you need me on the BuzzFeed team

(There are more, but I’m hoping I can bring those up at a later time)

ID: 1870147

1. I have several years of experience in journalism, marketing, social media development and digital media production

I have worked primarily for start up companies. I enjoy fast paced work environments.

ID: 1870162

2. I have a wide variety of skills


ID: 1874753

LEGO Construction

ID: 1874789

Design and Photo Manipulation

ID: 1874797


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ID: 1874803

3. I even wrote an original sonnet on the dangers of Halloween in the age of social media just for you!

Also because I like writing sonnets.

ID: 1874809

4. I have a well-established presence on social media

I am behind the famous “Social Media Explained with Donuts” Instagram.

ID: 1870164

5. In a related note, I have eaten a Cronut

ID: 1874782

6. I have a stellar education

Master of Arts in Communication from Stanford University’s Graduate Program in Journalism

ID: 1870167

Bachelor of Arts in Theater and East Asian Studies from Bates College

ID: 1870170

7. I am full of seemingly useless information

I don’t think it’s useless, but I’ve been told that talking to me is just like watching Jeopardy.

ID: 1870177

8. This knowledge extends to various subjects including


ID: 1870178


ID: 1870180


ID: 1870189


ID: 1870181


ID: 1870188

Rocko’s Modern Life

ID: 1870185

9. I am already an established member of the BuzzFeed Community

I try to post at least one thing every day, and, as you can see, my content does pretty well. In the last month, I was responsible for more than one tenth of one percent of your total traffic.

ID: 1870156

10. Check out these greatest hits

ID: 1874707

11. I am a highly motivated worker, who is ready to tackle the challenges of a growing 21st century media company

How can you say no to that face?

ID: 1874800

I see you have a lot of job openings and fellowships starting soon, I hope you will seriously consider my applications

ID: 1870144

Thanks for reading this, oh overlords of BuzzFeed! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Because I think it’s fabulous.

ID: 1874807

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