The Best Celebrity GIFS From New York Comic-Con

Some things you just can’t express in traditional Q&A interviews.

1. Nick Kroll Loves The Camera…A Lot…A Whole Lot

He better, since he’s on both The League and Kroll Show.

2. Adrienne Curry Was Super Excited

Because she recognized Man Hathaway.

3. AMC’s “Comic Book Men” Had To Psyche Themselves Up

Here’s Walt and Bryan from Comic Book Men simulating a glory hole. Seriously.

4. But Then Kevin Smith Jumped In And They Got Into It…

Mike and Ming with show creator Kevin Smith, demonstrating a favorite gesticulation.

5. Really, REALLY Into It…Guys…Guys…Okay Fine

Kevin Smith getting quite excited with the potential of a GIFerview.

6. We Asked Them What Their Favorite Hand Gestures Were…

Unsurprisingly a popular choice.

7. …As We Did With The Cast Of “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead comic creator and show-runner, Robert Kirkman, hanging out with Merle himself, Michael Rooker.

8. Norman Reedus & Gale Anne Hurd Were Paragons Of Sophistication

Gale Anne Hurd, legendary Hollywood filmmaker (and executive producer of The Walking Dead), isn’t afraid to loosen up with Norman Reedus, aka Daryl.

9. Robert Kirkman Loves Michael Rooker. It’s Unrequited. :(

Total pros, total bros.

10. Wave Good-Bye To The Internet Chandler Riggs And Andrew Lincoln!

The Walking Dead’s Carl and Rick Grimes, respectively.

11. How Do You Feel About GIFS, living legend Stan Lee?

‘Nuff said.

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