25 Reasons Why Beards Change Everything

Beards, or just any sort of facial hair, can change everything. It’s finally winter and it’s starting to get cold out — here’s some beard-spiration.

1. Kip from “Napoleon Dynamite”

From Kip to hip.

ID: 775466

2. Jerry Garcia

From Jerry to a young lady that goes a little too far every 4th of July.

ID: 775463

3. The Most Interesting Man in the World

From the Most Interest Man in the World to the least interesting used car salesman in the world.

ID: 775464

4. Brian Wilson

From Brian Wilson to Jersey Shore reject.

ID: 775467

5. Chuck Norris

From Chuck Norris to vacation Bible school teacher…which he probably is.

ID: 775475

6. Zach Galafianakis

From Zach Galafianakis to dapper young gentleman.

ID: 775468

7. Rick Ross

From Fat Albert to Rick Ross.

ID: 775461

8. Fidel Castro

From Fidel Castro to that guy in class that would always remind that teacher that you had homework due that day.

ID: 775483

9. Channing Tatum

From The Tates to creepy old man who hangs out as gas stations.

ID: 775470

10. Freddie Mercury

From Freddie Mercury to a slightly less imposing Freddie Mercury.

ID: 775472

11. Sam Elliot

From Sam Elliot to businessman.

ID: 775462

12. Nick Offerman

From Ron Swanson to someone who DEFINITELY wouldn’t be named Ron.

ID: 775471

13. Brett Keisel

From a dwarf from Middle Earth to Brett Keisel.

ID: 775459

14. Michael Cera

From Michael Cera to every guy who tried to grow a mustache in eighth grade.

ID: 775473

15. James Lipton

From James Lipton to confused old man.

ID: 775465

16. Luciano Pavarotti

From Luciano to LuciaNOOOOOO.

ID: 775474

17. Weird Al

From Weird Al to David Tennent…or Steve Malkmus.

ID: 775476

18. Che Guevara

From Che Guevara to Goodfellas extra.

ID: 775477

19. George Lucas

From George Lucas to Little League hockey coach.

ID: 775482

20. Hulk Hogan

From Hulk Hogan to a slightly douchier version of Hulk Hogan.

ID: 775539

21. Burt Reynolds

From Burt Reynolds, international sex symbol, to Burt Reynolds, international sex symbol.

ID: 775478

22. Louis CK

From Louis CK to Muppet Louis CK.

ID: 775486

23. Dr. Phil

From Dr. Phil to an even creepier Dr. Phil.

ID: 775480

24. Tom Selleck

From Tom Selleck to weird dad.

ID: 775484

25. Abraham Lincoln

From Abe Lincoln to Bill Nye.

ID: 775485

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