23 People Who Are Way More Awkward Than You

It can always be worse, friends.

1. Anyone who has experienced the exact moment when musical chairs gets a little TOO real:

ID: 1598249

2. Anyone who suffers with having an impenetrable coat:

ID: 1598426

3. Anyone who has been left alone, stranded without a high five in sight:

ID: 1598859

4. Anyone involved in this three-headed dragon of failed handshakes:

ID: 1598424

5. Anyone who has made a new friend on the subway in the most uncomfortable way possible:

ID: 1598341

6. Basketball superstar Chris Bosh when he has an epic battle with a piece of confetti:

ID: 1598506

7. Anyone who has been left hanging in such a fantastically heartbreaking way:

ID: 1598854

8. And anyone who has failed so miserably at the bread and butter of hand greetings, the fist bump:

ID: 1598453

9. This poor, poor soul:

ID: 1599085

10. Anyone who has been betrayed by their fellow dancers and left standing like this:

ID: 1599289

11. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on a kissing spree:

ID: 1598510

12. Baseball players who have forgotten how baseballing works:

ID: 1598422

13. John Mayer and Kanye West when they’re trying to give each other a hug-shake:

ID: 1598199

14. Anyone who has ever made the dreaded “wrong knee” mistake:

ID: 1599140

15. And anyone who has been forced into the dreaded “missed handshake to nose scratch” situation:

ID: 1599287

16. Anyone who has ever completely forgotten how doors work:

ID: 1599219

17. And anyone who has ever been Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind dude:

ID: 1599143

18. These two golfers who forgot how to use their hands:

ID: 1599164

19. Taylor Swift giving what seems to be the world’s most unwanted hug:

ID: 1598196

“I do not like this.”

ID: 1600231

20. Anyone who has ever been rejected by a cat so magnificently:

ID: 1599939

21. Everyone involved in this three-way handshake disaster:

ID: 1599166

22. And, even worse, everyone involved in this very rare four-way handshake disaster:

ID: 1599160

23. And, of course, anyone who has been violated by a dolphin:

ID: 1598428

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