Emojis: The Movie

They’ve made movies of every other dumb thing, so why not?

2. The first movie filmed entirely on a phone.

“Emojis: The Movie” is the story of one family fighting to stay together amidst a world of injustice and strife. It is a dark drama that spans decades; a story that will change the way you think about society.

Like Emojis themselves, this movie will be entertaining for the first 20 minutes but soon enough becomes mundane and slightly irritating.

3. Julianne Moore as Dr. Karen Bleck



4. Nick Offerman as James Bleck



5. Adam DeVine as Dave Bleck

Comedy Central


6. Alison Brie as Amy Bleck


7. Russell Crowe as Santa Claus



8. Posh Spice as The Supreme Visitor


9. Sasha Baron Cohen as Bukari-Ka



10. Macauley Culkin as The Screamer

20th Century Fox


(Digitally-Rendered Young)

11. The Olsen Twins as themselves



12. Wallace Shawn as Professor Miffler



13. Taylor Swift as White Bread

Big Machine


14. Dame Maggie Smith as Aunt Fozshtzi


15. Owen Wilson as Sandy

New Line


16. Erykah Badu as Zani



17. Jonathan Ke Quan as Jonathan Qe Kuan



18. Ted Danson as the Moai



19. Justin Bieber as Yeoman Boyman



20. Jack Black as Officer Gripp

20th Century Fox


21. Michael Douglas & Michael Douglas as the Shadow Men




22. Tom Cruise as Ned Merrill

20th Century Fox


23. Kyle Gass as Fullmoon Anderson

New Line


24. Jay Leno as Halfmoon Anderson


25. Jack Nicholson as Uncle Warthog



26. Kristin Stewart as A Brown Shoe


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