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    • danischu

      I have OCD and this doesn’t bother me. For years people have used mental disabilities casually as adjectives - it’s normal and unless it’s mean-spirited, UNoffensive. ALSO, for everyone saying that OCD has nothing to do with being organized - you’ve been misinformed. Maybe you, or someone you know has OCD that doesn’t manifest itself in this way, but it’s not uncommon. I have been diagnosed with mild obsessive compulsive disorder. What tipped me off was when having things organized my way became an increasingly ‘obsessive compulsion’ (see what I did there). In my case, I perform these behaviors to try to add order to the world around me and assuage fears. There are several other characteristics of my illness worse than this - but it is still a large component. Someone harmlessly poking fun at OCD doesn’t bother me, it’s better than walking on eggshells around me. When my friends did it - I felt normal. I also made fun of them back. Everyone needs to calm the shit down!!