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    • cherylh2

      Stress can throw your cycle totally off. That’s happened to two friends when they were planning their weddings. Both got their period on their honeymoon. XP One of them, her husband actually had the brass to—I kid you not—hold it against her, like she’d planned it that way so he’d have to wait another week to have sex with her (she chose to wait until she was married to have sex). Their marriage didn’t work out, for numerous reasons all related to him being an assclown.

    • cherylh2

      F’ing sexism. That shit needs to stop. I’m so sick of the myth of women being all moody and shit on their period and PMSing women being unstable and nasty. Yes, *some* women are like that, but that does not mean it’s grounds for dismissing what a woman says, and it does not mean she doesn’t mean what she says when she is moody. It really burns me up when women slam other women for “being on their period” and having PMS. Internalized sexism and misogyny needs to go as of last decade!

    • cherylh2

      I’ve had cramps so painful, I’ve been incoherent and unable to speak, only groan occasionally while curled up in the fetal position. I’m crying silently, because it’s easier to breathe while crying silently than while sobbing (I figured that out a few years prior to this during another one of these Extremely Painful Cramps times). I was knocked down with cramps almost this bad the first time I got my period at thirteen. When I started getting my period regularly, I started getting Really Fucking Bad Cramps regularly. They weren’t always this bad, but I could count on needing 1100mg of Aleve in the morning (that’s 5.5 tablets of OTC Aleve) just to keep the pain at a level that I felt I could stand upright and would be able to concentrate on my classes. It didn’t deaden the pain, only took it away enough I could function instead of sobbing while curled up in a ball. After a few hours, I needed to take more Aleve so I could continue to function for the rest of the school day. This went on for years. Finally, when I was twenty, a friend suggested I go to the gyno and get checked out because that kind of shit wasn’t normal. I did, and found out I had an issue that could be resolved with birth control pills to even out my hormone levels. Hellaciously horrible cramps are one symptom of the disorder. I dislocated my shoulder twice in the space of the week a few months ago and the level of pain I experienced reminded me of my Hellaciously Horrible Cramps. They gave me a lot of opiates and didn’t blink when I said my pain was 9 out of 10. Women who have cramps don’t have any inkling what labor pains are like? That all depends on the cramps that woman has. When you’ve spent all damn day feeling like every sword of Arthur’s knights has been stabbed through your gut and every single one is twisting at the same time, and that’s been going on for two or three days straight, don’t tell me I don’t have at least some inkling of labor pains.

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