Australian Anti-Racism TV Ad Immediately Gets Racist Reaction

“Why should anyone be made to feel like crap, just for being who they are?”

1. Mental health advocacy group Beyond Blue has launched a new campaign about “casual racism” in Australia.

Beyond Blue / Via

2. The campaign aims to highlight Australia’s casual racism towards Indigenous Australians. It shows various situations where people are giving in to a racist voice in their head.

Beyond Blue / Via

3. Beyond Blue says this casual racism by the “Invisible Discriminator” leads to high rates of depression and anxiety in Indigenous communities.

Beyond Blue / Via

4. And seemingly small moments make a remarkable impact on people’s mental health.

Beyond Blue / Via

5. The campaign launched with the hashtag #stopthinkrespect which trended in Australia’s biggest capital cities.

#stopthinkrespect is now trending in #Melbourne

— Trendsmap Melbourne (@TrendsMelbourne)

7. And immediately there was a debate about whether “abo” was a racist term.

The problem is that many don't know it's a problem. #StopThinkRespect

— Hugh Miller (@hughmility)

8. One person went straight to questioning how “aboriginal” the actors were.

9. And some on Facebook wanted to point out that white people are targeted by racism as well.

11. Those that wanted to claim the campaign was pulling the “racism card”.

12. And this commenter who summed up exactly what Beyond Blue was targeting in one single, long sentence.

14. However there were positive reactions to the television commercial.

The #StopThinkRespect initiative highlights the need to move away from "cultural awareness" because being "unaware" is no longer an excuse.

— Indigenist. (@db_1974)

Just saw the @beyondblue #StopThinkRespect TV commercial.. Casual racism is such a part of Aussie culture and it needs to stop

— BBE (@_wearebbe)

Powerful message. No one should be made to feel like crap because of who they are. #StopThinkRespect

— Summer Howarth (@EduSum)

17. The full ad called “The Invisible Discriminator” is powerful viewing.

18. Also, the actors talk about real world casual racism in a behind the scene video.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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