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    31 Problems All Zookeepers Will Understand

    This job is not as glamorous as people think it is! From the wonderful zookeeper problems.

    1. Being a zookeeper means getting rather intimate with your animals...


    People with office jobs complaining about the weather while I'm out here working in it all day #zookeeperproblems


    Not knowing if you're wet from the rain storm, heavy sweat or a combination thereof. #zookeeperproblems


    My face and arms are tanned but the rest of me is pale #zookeeperproblems

    5. Monday to Fridays and 9 to 5 mean nothing to you.

    If you're a reindeer keeper you can almost guarantee that you'll be working an off-site Christmas Eve #ZooLife #ZooKeeperProblems


    You still work on holidays because the animals don't stop working yo. #zookeeperproblems

    7. Which means your out-of-zoo social life often suffers.

    When your best friend is a camel... #zookeeperproblems

    8. The fear of being eaten alive can really make your job more exciting!

    Two keepers short of our staffing minimum. Doing all carnivores by myself. Here's hoping I don't get eaten! #zookeeperproblems


    People talking about Steve Irwin while you're trying to clean around three six-foot alligators who like to wander. #zookeeperproblems

    10. Animals seem to do pretty much everything apart from what you want them to do.


    Thanks for getting tangled in the hose, unhelpful tortoise. #zookeeperproblems

    12. Losing your friends at the zoo happens too often, and never gets any easier.

    Always hard losing stock, particularly youngsters. Sleep well baby girl #toughday #zookeeperproblems


    It's been well over a month, but I still miss Taylor cougar when I work in that building. #zookeeperproblems

    14. Being a zookeeper isn't very glamourous.

    Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between urine/diarrhea and vomit...#zookeeperproblems


    Everyone starts their day watching an anteater get milked and handling a giraffe placenta, right? #ZookeeperProblems #giraffe #anteater



    What's happening tweeps? I had my hands on a polar bear vulva today. Anyone else? #zookeeperproblems


    I smell extra pretty today. May have something to do with going elbows deep while cleaning out giraffe drains. #ZookeeperProblems #smelly


    You know what's #hawt? Pulling hay out of you belly button at the end of the day... #zookeeperproblems #pachydermkeeper


    Me:"This food tastes like shit" Friend:"Oh you've tasted shit before?" Me:"Um yes" #ZooLife #ZookeeperProblems

    21. The animals aren't always grateful for your work.

    You try to do something nice for your animals and they just shit on it...literally #zookeeperproblems


    23. Losing your keys isn't just a bit annoying when you're a zookeeper.

    Losing a padlock and accepting the fact you're going to die #zookeeperproblems


    Padlock key, code 1 key, perimeter key, building key, bear key, boiler room key, ed. center key...#toomanykeys #zookeeperproblems


    had a long conversation with Sumatran #tiger Kami while waiting for a shift spotter. No idea what it was about though. #zookeeperproblems

    26. The animals do not seem to have the same high regard for your well-being as you do for theirs.

    I have scratches all over my legs... From an armadillo trying to mate with my boot... #zookeeperproblems



    It's not even noon and iv been pooped on by a green wing macaw, marked by my white lion, and chewed on by fennec fox pups #zookeeperproblems


    Hand feeding baby cranes means sacrificing your fingers for them to peck to death #ouch #zookeeperproblems


    Let's play Whose Blood Is On Me! Is it: A- my own blood B- guinea pig blood C- cow blood from carnivore diets #zookeeperproblems


    Forever walking into electric fences #zookeeperproblems

    But really it's the best job in the world.

    Zookeeping is done! What!? This never happens... Beast mode! Now what to do? Lay with my cubs! #zookeeperproblems 😊❤️💭