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32 Perks Of Living In Michigan Despite The Economy

Detroit may have filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, but it isn't all bad here in The Great Lakes State.

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1. We somewhat get to experience all four seasons.

The weather in Michigan is kind of a joke, as we really only have two seasons: winter and summer, but at least we get to watch the leaves change in the "fall" and the flowers pop back up again during our weeklong “spring".


4. Speaking of being mitten-shaped, we get to flawlessly use our own hands as a map.

"Oh, where are you going to this weekend?" *points to pinky finger* "Right around here."

It's the most convenient thing ever.

7. And, hey, if you're not feeling Lake Michigan then no worries; you have three other Great Lakes to choose from.

Not counting Lake Ontario, of course, as it doesn't exactly touch Michigan (and it would be a trip to make).

And if you aren't feeling the Great Lakes (like Lake Superior, which is featured above) you have 11,000 inland ones, too.


11. We're home to world famous fried chicken.

The city of Frankenmuth is a little German-styled town, dedicated to preserving and providing a somewhat authentic view on Bavarian culture. Frankenmuth is a top destination by Michiganders for quick day-trips, not only for its beautiful town but also for it's chicken.


12. And fudge.

An island resort located on Lake Huron, Mackinac Island, is known for three things: its ban on all motor-vehicles, the fact that it's now a National Historic Landmark, and -most importantly- its fudge.


16. We have an awesomely fishy hockey tradition, too.


And because the eight legs symbolized the eight wins the Red Wings needed to win the Stanley Cup in 1952. Needless to say, the tradition stuck ever since. Now, with 16 wins needed, two inflatable octopi hang above the ice during playoff runs.


21. Michigan has great universities.

The University of Michigan (pictured above) is considered an Ivy League school (public Ivy) and was actually the first established university in the U.S., founded in 1817.

And Michigan State University is one of the largest universities in America.


23. Our football team is possibly the worst in the league, but at least the fans continue to stay pessimistically and optimistically dedicated.

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