Introducing “Eyelash Jewelry”

AKA false eyelashes on crack. Satisfy your brony and kawaii eyecessory needs?

1. Etsy seller Natalie Russo makes jewelry for eyelashes.

ID: 798775

2. They range from $7 to $30 and come in a variety of specific themes.

“Twilight Sparkle”

ID: 798944

3. ….such as “Old School Circus.”

ID: 798694

4. “Rainbow Dash”

For every brony in need of ocular adornments.

ID: 798917

5. “Viva Las Vegas”

ID: 798765

6. “Fish in the Sea”

ID: 798824

7. “Googly Eye”


ID: 798789

8. “Baby Farm Animal”

ID: 798983

9. “Cupcake”

ID: 798764

10. “Lady Bug Fairy Garden”

ID: 798841

11. “Wispy Snowflake”

ID: 798861

12. Whoa.

Recommended for “Burning Man, burlesque, avant garde fashion.”

ID: 798871

13. …And my personal favorite, “Emo”

ID: 798908

Check out Natalie’s Etsy shop for more!

ID: 799015

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