What You’re Like Alone Vs. What You’re Like In Public

Why yes, I did eat the entire bag of chips by myself.

1. There’s a reason there’s no place like home.

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2. Because in public you have to dance like you actually have manners.

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3. And at home you can “timber” like no one’s watching.

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4. Because in public you can only eat one chip at a time.

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5. But at home it’s as many freaking chips as will fit into your mouth.

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6. Because in public selfie shaming is a real struggle.

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7. But at home you can snap away.

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8. Because in public you have to take working out very “seriously.”

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9. But at home, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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10. Basically, even though you’ve learned how to behave like a proper human in public.

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11. We all know life is more fun when no one’s watching.

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