24 Things That Could Be The Next Mason Jar

Pinterest has had its fill of you, little glass containers of infinite possibility. Time for a new craft king.

2. Clothespins

ID: 1141966

3. Walnuts

There are so many empty husks in the world, just begging to be turned into something that can be loved.

ID: 1142196

4. Bones

ID: 1141946

5. Top Hats

How often have you thought, “Man, I have all these top hats but not enough light fixtures?”

ID: 1142118

6. Cameras

How often have you thought, “Man, I have all these Canons but not enough light fixtures?”

ID: 1142291

7. Blenders

How often have you omg stfu.

ID: 1142657

8. Googly Eyes

ID: 1142170

9. Doubloons

ID: 1142234

10. Fishtail Braids

Good for weaving + friendship bracelets.

ID: 1141891

11. Miniature Grilled Cheeses

ID: 1142020

13. iPhones

Smooth, shiny, easily broken: they practically ARE Mason jars.

ID: 1141875

14. Tampons

ID: 1142389

15. Ghosts


Craft supplies without corporeal form are easier to work with.

ID: 1142090

16. Broken Pencil Lead

ID: 1142603

17. Kale


It needs something to do now that it’s so hopelessly over.

ID: 1141424

18. Dogs

Will wear anything -> perfect canvas.

ID: 1141978

19. Biological Clocks

ID: 1142417

20. Vanilla Ice

Mark Davis / Getty Images

He <3’s DIY.

ID: 1142723

21. The Periodic Table

What’s more DIY than THE UNIVERSE?

ID: 1142517

22. Titanic VHS Box Sets

ID: 1140270

23. The Paper That Sticks To The Back Of Candy Buttons

ID: 1142568

24. Masons

ID: 1141879

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