6 Fabulous Gifts Kate And William Received On Their Jubilee Tour

The royal couple will return from their nine-day Diamond Jubilee tour through Southeast Asia with a lot of swag.

1. Huge flowers.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images
ID: 586849

2. A photo collage.

Pool / Getty Images

They received this collection of photographs of Queen Elizabeth II and the Malaysian king at an official dinner in Kuala Lumpur on September 13th. Best friends forever!

ID: 586927
Pool / Getty Images
ID: 586867

3. A colorful dress.

Pool / Getty Images

Because who needs more clothes?! Kate Middleton needs more clothes!

ID: 586871

4. A pair of lace shoes and a clutch.

Pool / Getty Images

Hey Steve Madden, why don’t your shoes come in boxes like that?

ID: 586893

5. A diamond-encrusted sword.

Pool / Getty Images

For royal bar fights?

ID: 586873

6. And lots of flowers and tokens from adorable children in Singapore.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images
ID: 586842
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Highly color-coordinated children, you might add.

ID: 586962
Chris Jackson / Getty Images
ID: 586826

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