18 People Who Just Want Santa To Bring Them Justin Bieber

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Dear Santa, I don't want electronics, money, clothes or any other expensive things for Christmas this year. I just want Justin Bieber <3.


Dear Santa, I want Justin Bieber for christmas, if it's too expensive, you don't have to put clothes on him.


Dear Santa, maybe I'll find a swaggy Canadian under my tree this year? Just an idea


Dear Santa, this year for Christmas I would like .. Justin Bieber, Pattie's son, Jaxon&Jazzy's brother, The hottest Canadian & Kidrauhl.


Dear Santa, If I don't find justin bieber under my tree, then I'm going to assume that you're not real :)!


Dear Santa, Can I please have Justin Bieber in a bow for Christmas? that's all I want& I've been a good girl this year, Love Jenn xx


Santa needs to step up his game tbh. I've been asking for 'Justin Bieber wrapped up and under my tree' for 3 years now and it never happens.


Dear Santa, I want Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber. Did I mention Justin Bieber? 😊


Santa all I want for Christmas is Justin bieber. Can you do that for me Santa?


My secret Santa is gonna have it so easy. I'm only gonna write Justin Bieber on it


Dear santa, I've been a good kid this year so, can I have Justin Bieber pleaseee?♥


Me: "Santa isn't even real." Little Sister: "Neither is your realtionship with Justin Bieber." ....... I think we all know who cried harder.


Dear Secret Santa, i hope you decorate my locker with Justin Bieber😍😍


Dear Santa Claus, i've been asking you this for a long time so here I am again: All I want for Christmas is Justin Bieber! love


Santa knows what all the Beliebers want for Christmas but apparently somebody else already owns it :(


I want a Bieber street in my city i want a Bieberology subject,i want a whole bieber world! is it possible?!?! please..Santa...*puppy face*


Is telling a girl that Justin Bieber will never love them like telling a child that Santa isn't real?

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Bieber onstage during Q102s Jingle Ball at Wells Fargo Center on December 5, 2012 in Philadelphia.

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