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Which Screen On The Green Movie Do You Belong In?

Have you ever felt like you had a long lost twin that you were going to find at Summer Camp? No? Have you ever had the urge to stand on your chair in the library and scream USA USA at the top of your lungs? That's more like it. Are you Annie? Hallie? We know these are the passions burning in your heart each night, and we are finally giving you the opportunity to find the answer to this important question - Which Screen on the Green Movie do you belong in? Good luck!

YUStudentCouncils 2 years ago

Which Yeshiva University Student Council Presdent Are You?

Do you have an interest in planning an end of the year awards gala? Do you find yourself wondering what your "From the President's desk would say?!" Well here is a quiz for you! Find out which student council president you are, and see if you are YU like they are!

YUStudentCouncils 2 years ago

Which Member Of The Hallway Are You?

Have you ever wanted to be a member of the hallway? Well - you can't be. But take the quiz to see who you would be IF you were a member!

YUStudentCouncils 2 years ago

Will You Win The Cholent-Fest Cookoff At YU?

Take the quiz to see if your team will win the YU Cholent cook off competition! May the odds be ever in your flavor!

YUStudentCouncils 2 years ago