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Which Yeshiva University Student Council Presdent Are You?

Do you have an interest in planning an end of the year awards gala? Do you find yourself wondering what your "From the President's desk would say?!" Well here is a quiz for you! Find out which student council president you are, and see if you are YU like they are!

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  1. If someone is trying to get in touch with you - where will you likely be found?

    In a whatsapp group
    In your room
    In LSAT Class
    In the Wilf library
    At the gym
    In MTA
    In OSL
  2. Your club requests $500 for food for an event, what do you do?

    Reject it.
    Accept it!
    I don't know...
    UMMM NO! And I let them know it!
    Try to talk it out, why $500? compromise?
    Reject it but give them some pretzels, cause why not
    Reject it but offer to pay a smaller amount
    Israel club stop requesting that much!
  3. What is your favorite subject in school?

    Ethical and Legal environmental businesses
    Great Rabbinical Figures
    Social Media
  4. What Facebook group/page is your favorite?

    Syms Student Council
    The Commentator
    YU Marketplace
    Stern in the Know
    I don't advertise on Social Media
    Frum Girl Problems
  5. The presidents call a meeting - what did you do wrong?

    I tried to have the meeting on Beren
    I didn’t approve food
    I didn’t advertise an event
    I didn’t debrief a meeting
    I didn’t show up to a meeting
    I haven’t been communicating pleasantly
    Nothing. I am moderating this meeting
    I was being mean
  6. You have to go in a car with one other president - who do you go with?

    None of them - I'm taking a VP!
  7. What is your favorite food?

    Protein Bar
    OSL Popcorn
    Sushi Rice
    Black and White Cookies
    Ice Cream
    Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken
  8. What is your future job?

    Phil Goldfeder
    President Joel
    Donald Trump
    YSU President
    Judge Judy
    CEO of a Company
    Jillian Michaels
  9. If you could ditch school to do anything what would you do?

    Go to a Rangers Game
    Go to Hamilton
    Go Bowling
    Visit law schools
    Work on your thesis
    Have an "interview" downtown
  10. What is your go-to job on all things student council?

    Creating a Marketing Plan
    "Working on it"
    Listening to Deena
    Facebook Posts
    Meeting Debriefs
    "Not working on it"

Which Yeshiva University Student Council Presdent Are You?

You got: Jacob Herenstein

You know how everyone says "I know a guy," you are that guy! Whether someone is stuck on the side of the highway or simply needs a wedding playlist - they turn to you for some help! You are loud, confident, stubborn, and unapologetic but you definitely get things done. YSU would not be the same without you, but without you the highways would be a safer place. I think every WhatsApp group on your phone just received notifications - you better check that.

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You got: Lizzi Peled

You are with her. In every sense of the phrase. You are not a girl, and don't appreciate being called one, you are a woman! You are YU (not Stern) and you definitely deserve that giant cake that you just ate. You cannot be seen without a beanie, Uggs, and headphones in your ears. Your beanie doesn't fool anyone, we all know the Y stands for "Yes I got into Harvard law school!"

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You got: Tzvi Levitin

You are definitely the most reasonable and logical President of the group. In fights you can often times be found moderating, and in deep conversations you can often times be found playing devils advocate. We're not fooled by the glasses and Lsat class though, you definitely also like to have fun. Although you aren't quite sure about what a SuperBowl really is, you're always down to have a good time! You don't like to observe, you'd rather spend your time commentating. You aren't little but you are Stuart! Did you leave halfway through reading this bio to go see Hamilton for the 17th time? YOU WOULD!

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You got: Deena Fuchs

You are likely found in the Wilf library, often times shamelessly promoting the Syms Dinner. It is likely that you don't like to spend money on clubs, and your "gluten free sugar free" scheme often times ends in President's meeting ice cream parties. You are usually the root of "airing the grievances" and it is possible that you are in a love/hate relationship with the rest of the cabinet. We are not fooled though - we know you actually love each president, and you aren't actually a "meana" just a Deena. We are so excited for your wedding to Akiva on May 11th, and can't wait for the next time you quit and "I'm done" the presidency. Starbucks unsweetened black iced coffee anyone? Tasti? Sushi salad? Anyone?

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You got: Akiva Koppel

Can you read this bio for a flaming hot second please? You are probably the most chivalrous individual out there, and although you can often times be found uttering phrases such as "Tusty Tango" and "Right on," you are loved by all. You might give into your co-presidents demands, but we all know your wedding to Deena will be amazing on May 11th. You are "Koppel" and your Koppelisms know no bounds. You can be found in jeans and a sweater walking around campus, in Sephardi minyan, or fencing. You like when everyone gets along and you aren't afraid to compliment someone when you feel necessary. Right on!

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You got: Hudy Rosenberg

You are definitely the face of YU! You basically run the admissions office and you can be found right next to the one and only Phil Goldfeder. You're allergic to many things but not to soy vanilla! You are the favorite of OSL and can be found on the 5th floor (when not working on admissions). You are always down to chill and help the other president's out. You are a comeback kid and we hope your Harry Potter Haggadah serves you well on Pesach!

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You got: Shua Brick

You are NOT publicizing Cholent Fest. You are always down to chill especially if it means airing grievances and letting presidential feelings run loose. You love getting fancy, and can randomly be found in a suit and tie in downtown OSL. You are highly involved in school, maybe an RA, maybe a president, maybe BOTH?! Are you a movie star? Or are you just auditioning to be the next president of YU - because I'm pretty sure that gown is only for President Joel. You definitely laugh a lot, and will fight for what you believe in. Side note- your whole family probably works for this University.

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You got: Aryeh Minsky

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