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    We Tried To Destroy One Of Those Aluminum Foil Balls, And It Was Surprisingly Impossible

    They're shiny, unbreakable little fuckers.

    By now, you've probably heard about the viral sensation that is ~making aluminum foil balls~, as popularized on Twitter.


    We even gave the process a go at BuzzFeed β€” and you can watch how we transformed a crumpled ball of foil into a v. shiny orb here:

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    But afterward, we couldn't help but wonder β€” as shiny and marvelous it looks on the outside, what does our lil foil ball look like on the inside?

    Evidently, Twitter user @gumrrs in Japan had the same thought β€” and so he tweeted a series of photos showing how he made his own foil ball, and then tried to crack it open.


    First, he tried to cut the foil ball open with a hacksaw β€” with no luck.

    @gumrrs / Via Twitter: @gumrrs

    Next, he used a power sander β€” and still no dice!


    "This is a 1mm cutting wheel that is made for cutting metal," @gumrrs pointed out.

    "It kept glancing off and I couldn't make it 'bite' in. Half crying, I managed to cut into part of the ball, and then abandoned the cutting tools," he noted.

    @gumrrs / Via Twitter: @gumrrs

    Finally, he decided to go after it with a chisel:

    @gumrrs / Via Twitter: @gumrrs

    @gumrrs said he thought it would crack open instantly, but it took different tools and 20 minutes of pure struggle. Finally, when the foil ball cracked open, it looked like this:

    "The outside is firm, but the inside is surprisingly crumbly."

    @gumrrs / Via Twitter: @gumrrs

    Moreover, the heat generated by the cutting process caused the aluminum foil ball to get super hot, so he had to pour water over it as he cut it. (That's why the ground is a little wet in the pic).

    Apparently, it got so hot that the ball made hissing sounds.

    Even in two pieces, the foil ball was still so tough that a hammer still barely left a dent on the outside.


    And when @gumrrs used the sharp side of the hammer, all he managed to do was scratch the surface:


    So, to recap, this weird little aluminum ball that anyone can make is actually pretty indestructible:


    But whatever you do, we beg of you: Do NOT try to microwave it.

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    This post was translated from Japanese.

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