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    38 Useful Kitchen Gadgets To Put On Your Holiday Wish List

    🎶I'm dreaming of a white KitchenAid stand mixer, just like the one my grandma used to own🎶

    1. A Vitamix Explorian blender that'll crush anything you throw its way and fit under your kitchen cabinets.

    2. A dual breakfast sandwich maker because 1) it's a great way to motivate you to actually eat breakfast 2) your roommates will also want one once they smell yours.

    3. A sous vide precision cooker so you can get perfectly done meats, veggies, and even cheesecake every 👏 single 👏 time 👏 .

    4. A vacuum sealer perfect for sous vide cooking and keeping large amounts of food fresh for a long, long time. This is great if you like to buy in bulk!

    5. An all-in-one slicer with interchangeable blades that'll be easy to use and store.

    6. A five-in-one utensil appropriately named the "Uni-tool" because it can be a slotted spoon, a turner, a solid spoon, a spatula, and a cutting tool.

    7. A trusty food processor to do all the slicing and dicing for you... plus any shredding, crinkling, mincing, or pureeing. It's got you covered from hummus to peanut butter to pesto.

    8. A surprisingly versatile waffle maker for whipping up your fave brunch foods at home. Think of the money you'll save!

    9. A Nespresso machine that'll brew both espresso and coffee at the push of a button. It'll take less than a minute, which is perfect for when you're running late in the morning.

    10. A bacon bowl maker so you can serve bacon with every meal and have it look gourmet AF.

    11. An electric knife-sharpener to rejuvenate even the dullest of blades.

    12. A bread machine for making a fresh loaf right at home. It even has a gluten-free setting!

    13. A 5-in-1 countertop cooker that'll grill burger patties, press paninis, fry bacon, and cook pancakes. So basically, 90% of my dietary needs.

    14. A good old-fashioned pie bird your grandma probably uses and so should you. It'll 1) prevent the filling from boiling over and creating a mess in the oven 2) distribute moisture so the bottom doesn't get soggy 3) ensure the top crust cooks evenly without splitting.

    15. A cold-brew maker to please even the most discerning coffee obsessive.

    16. An egg cooker for making six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes. You can even use it to cook an omelet!

    17. An elegant wood-grained plastic wrap dispenser that won't be an eyesore.

    18. A digital food thermometer because you don't have super-powered eyes that can tell if the meat is under- or over-cooked. This one gives an instant temperature read!

    19. A multi-function chopping board with a meat grip on one side and an angled cutting surface designed to catch any juices or crumbs.

    20. An electric can opener perfect for people who were burned one too many times by a manual can-opener or a pull-tab (me).

    21. An electric kettle in a retro shade of pistachio green that'll look amazing on your countertop.

    22. A compact juice-extractor because making daily visits to the local juice shop is just not financially feasible ATM.

    23. A kitchen scale with a conversion chart etched on the measuring surface for following each recipe as precisely as possible.

    24. A quiet and efficient manual coffee grinder so you can get your caffeine fix without waking up your roommates.

    25. A toaster oven that can moonlight as an air fryer. It'll excel at both jobs like a champ!

    26. An adjustable stainless steel slicer to trick others into thinking your cheese platter is professionally catered.

    27. A crepe maker because let's face it — you would eat Nutella crepes every day if you could. And now you can.

    28. A three-blade spiralizer for exploring the healthy and delicious world of veggie pastas.

    29. A cordless electric wine opener so you can get a bottle of red uncorked in just a few seconds.

    30. A cool gadget that'll turn freshly brewed hot coffee (or any non-carbonated drink, such as wine) into an iced one in a matter of minutes — without watering it down.

    31. An immersion blender just as powerful as a full-sized version but that won't take up valuable counter space. Plus, it's super easy to clean up.

    32. An old-fashioned food mill perfect for making sauces, jams, or mashed potatoes, because it can catch all the seeds and peels, leaving only a smooth puree. (That's probably the one thing your food processor can't do.)

    33. A KitchenAid stand mixer 100% worth the ~dough~. Baking huge batches of gingerbread cookies will be an absolute breeze with this kitchen helper.

    34. A wine aerator that'll speed up the breathing process, resulting in a fuller flavor and smoother finish.

    35. A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker to serve up a homemade scoop that'll rival Ben & Jerry's.

    36. A pair of bear claws for tearing BBQ meat to shreds. You could use forks, but what's the fun in that?

    37. A cookbook/tablet stand with a clear splatter guard that'll make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

    38. And an almighty Instant Pot, which does just about anything you want it to. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and food warmer all rolled into one nifty appliance.

    Your kitchen is going to be so well-stocked!

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