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    16 Colorful Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make You Want To Throw Out All The Boring Ones You Currently Own

    Taste the rainbow... literally.

    1. A four-pack of silicone utensils for safer cooking on non-stick surfaces, because who wants to ruin their good pots and pans? Not me.

    2. A 12-piece stainless steel knife set featuring le knives of course, and matching blade guards to keep those rough edges protected when they're not being used to cut through a really good piece of steak.

    3. A three-piece mixing bowl set that'll happily accompany you on all of your baking adventures — transferring the ingredients out of the bowls and into the oven is gonna be sad, because you'll love these so much.

    4. A 24-pack of silicone baking cups for baking yummy treats nice and evenly without burning, and doing it over and over and over again, ya' know, because these are reusable, too!

    5. A measuring cup and spoon set to ensure you're using the right amount of ingredients every time, rather than just eyeballing it and hoping for the best.

    6. A two-pack of bell pepper corers that'll make removing those pesky little pepper seeds easy breezy.

    7. A three-pack of lightweight, durable, and flexible cutting mats for easy meal prep, and even easier clean-up.

    8. A dough press to help make super delicious ravioli, dumplings, and mini pies. Your friends are gonna keep asking you to cook for them.

    9. A whisk that'll do the very important job of combining your ingredients.

    10. A potato slicer for simply transforming any raw potato into ready-to-be-cooked French fries.

    11. A three-in-one breakfast station to make toast, cook up eggs or meat on the griddle, and brew coffee all in one machine.

    12. A two-piece strainer that'll allow you to rinse, drain, and even serve your food quickly and simply.

    13. A pasta measuring tool for the cutest way of knowing just how much uncooked pasta you should be using, so you're not left needing to make more, or making too much.

    14. A 2-in-1 citrus squeezer to get fresh juice out of lemons, limes, or small oranges to enhance just about any and all recipes.

    15. A dicer and slicer tool with three interchangeable blades that'll make chopping produce a way less gruesome chore.

    16. An egg slicer not only to make slicing eggs easier, but other foods, too. Like produce!

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