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    24 Amazing Kitchen Products That Cost Less Than $25

    These prices will have your mouth watering, TBH.

    1. A Crock-Pot for preparing a week's worth of dinner (plus maybe even some lunches!). Just put your ingredients in, let it do the cooking for a couple of hours, and voila, you're good for the week ahead.

    2. A single-serve blender to blend up your fav fruit and veggie combos and then bring them on-the-go in the handy bottle included.

    3. A 15-piece bowl and baking set that'll get you set up with the basics you need to prep yummy sweet treats, plus add a pop of color in your kitchen.

    4. A three-piece cookie sheet set with four emoji cookie cutters for baking some sweet and SMILEY noms.

    5. A single-serve coffeemaker compatible with K-Cups, but cheaper than most other K-Cup-compatible makers you can find.

    6. A three-pack of crimped dough presses that'll have you making sweet fruit pies or savory empanadas, perogies, or calzones — the options are plenty, and whatever delicious item you're making should be, too.

    7. A six-piece glass prep and mixing bowl set for all your cooking and baking needs. Ya, you're welcome.

    8. A wok to come in handy on the nights you're seriously craving restaurant-quality stir fry, but your bank account is like "uhhhh, no bish, not again."

    9. A salad spinner that'll get your greens clean (hehe greens clean). But seriously, half the battle when it comes to salad prepping is washing the lettuce. Like it's not fun, not even a bit.

    10. A 2-in1 citrus juicer for getting the juice out of lemons, limes, and small oranges, (minus the seeds and pulp) so you can add some fresh flavor into beverages and meals.

    11. A two-piece colander and bowl set so you have one convenient place to put pasta, fruits, veggies, and more to wash and drip-dry.

    12. A non-stick grill pan that'll allow you to make all the foods you enjoy at your summertime barbecues indoors as the weather gets chillier.

    13. A cast-iron skillet scrub brush for actually cleaning your precious pan the RIGHT way, because it would be a real shame having to replace it so soon.

    14. A two-slice toaster to make your favorite carbohydrate nice and crispy and warm. Let's get this toast.

    15. A 12-cup tin that'll have you whipping up cupcakes, muffins, egg cups, and whatever else your creative mind can think of concocting in a tin.

    16. A four-piece silicone utensil set for getting yourself set up properly in the kitchen with sturdy, easy-to-use, simple-to-clean, colorful utensils.

    17. A stainless steel electric kettle to boil the hottest of water for your tea... not THAT kind of tea.

    18. An 18-piece knife block set that'll look nice and sleek on any countertop, and like also, if you don't already have a good knife set, you need one, because it makes meal prepping and eating way easier.

    19. A three-tier cooling rack for getting your baked treats at a temperature cool enough to decorate, or eat, or decorate and eat.

    20. A hand-held veggie spiralizer to make nutritious "pasta." You can spiralize zucchini, carrots, squash, and so much more!

    21. An electric peeler that'll make the task of getting the skins off your produce, quick and painless.

    22. A loaf pan for baking a perfectly golden bread, or perhaps a delicious cake, maybe even the best homemade meatloaf? Whatever it is you're making, this pan loves and supports your cooking/baking ventures.

    23. A heavyweight can opener to simply get the tops off your soups, vegetables, tuna, and more, since you probably didn't buy those cans just to stare at them on your shelves.

    24. An instant read digital thermometer that'll make finding out the temperature of your foods quick, because we get it, you had a long day at the office, and you just wanna know if dinner is at a safe-to-eat temp. Don't worry, we gotchu.

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