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    18 Products For Anyone Whose Cooking Level Is "Microwave"

    Or for anyone whose PATIENCE LEVEL is microwave...

    1. A cookbook filled with delicious, creative, and nutritious microwave recipes for those who have accepted microwave cooking is the only cooking they can really do, and figure they might as well expand on their skills.

    2. A microwave pressure cooker to get if you're someone who thinks they could really benefit from those fancy shmancy popular pressure cookers, but like, it needs to fit into your microwave-cooking regimen.

    3. An angry mama cleaner that'll use the power of steam and a mother's anger (think calling you by your whole first and middle name anger) to get your microwave fresh and clean.

    4. Or an erupting volcano cleaner in case a steaming mother gives you flashbacks to your mom getting mad when your room wasn't in tip-top shape.

    5. A pasta and noodle cooker for whipping up the best food in the world (don't @ me, pasta IS the best food in the world), in a matter of minutes — without turning the stove on and waiting for the water to boil.

    6. A five-pack of vented microwave plate covers to prevent messy splatters from happening, but also to ensure your food still comes out at the perfect temp.

    7. A microwaving popping bowl that'll happily turn kernels into a delicious movie snack, while also holding all the yummy popcorn as you eat it out of the bowl, hehe.

    8. A four-pack (six bags per box), of movie theater butter popcorn for making if you don't wanna use loose kernels in the popping bowl, and just prefer to put a bag in the microwave and eat out of it instead.

    9. A microwave soup mug to bring on-the-go as a dinner to keep you warm on a chilly, busy night, or pack to bring as lunch to school or work.

    10. A two-pack of Easy Mac so you can enjoy a classic comfort food dinner with just the push of a button on the microwave.

    11. A microwave egg cooker that'll make whipping up a breakfast high in protein during the weekdays possible without needing to break out the skillet.

    12. A microwave rice cooker for cooking up to eight cups. Yes, you read that right, EIGHT CUPS of delicious rice of your choosing, without all the guesswork of when it'll be done cooking on the stove.

    13. A microwave bacon cooker to simply and quickly make the best breakfast meat (sry sausage), easier than ever before.

    14. A three-pack of chicken Cup Noodles that'll be good to keep on-hand in the office when your business lunch falls through at the last minute, and at home when heading out into the cold on a dinner date is an impossible feat.

    15. A Potato Express microwave cooker for getting the perfect results every.single.time. Seriously, cooking potatoes involves a lot of wondering "is it actually ready or not," and then biting into a still pretty raw potato to learn the hard way that it's not. So, you're welcome for this find.

    16. A 10-pack of chocolate mug cake that'll have you savoring moist, decadent, chocolate-y cake in a matter of a minute of microwave time. So not to fret if you're someone who hates baking because of ovens.

    17. A four-piece mug set with cute little cake designs for making your mug cake in (because of course, they are microwave-safe). And like, just look at how pretty they are.

    18. A 12-piece microwave-safe dinnerware set so you can ensure everything you're cooking in your favorite machine is actually safe enough to, ya know, be in there.

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