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    20 Things That'll Actually Make You Want To Eat Breakfast

    Let's get this bread (literally).

    1. A cookbook for those who need some exciting breakfast inspo beyond just scrambled eggs and toast — no offense or anything to scrambled eggs and toast.

    2. A breakfast sandwich maker to make yourself the perfect version of your favorite fast food brekkie item, without waiting on the drive-thru line.

    3. A three-pack of glass containers for preparing your breakfast in advance and keeping it sealed fresh, so it's all ready when you wake up.

    4. A non-stick frying pan to cook up eggs, pancakes, French toast, potatoes, and other breakfast items like they're restaurant-quality.

    5. A four-pack of silicone utensils that'll help you when prepping whatever it is you're whipping up in the pan above. Everyone should have colorful, trusty, silicone utensils.

    6. A jar of Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning for sprinkling on just about any food you can think of so the mouthwatering taste of everything bagels is just one sprinkle away.

    7. A breakfast station to cook a complete breakfast (coffee too!), in one easy, convenient place. Plus, it looks cool??

    8. A microwave omelet cooker that'll help you make your fave omelet combinations in a matter of minutes, without ever needing to turn on the stove or get out the pans and spatulas.

    9. A juice extractor for waking up like the boujee betch we know you are, or at least aim to be — with freshly squeezed juice.

    10. A two-pack of muffin tins to bake a variety of yummy muffins, or to get ~creative~ and make egg cups. Plus, you can make enough to get you and your loved ones through the week ahead.

    11. A waffle stick maker for those who know waking up in the morning to dippable sticks of waffles would be way more fun than a plain Jane BORING waffle — kidding, waffles could never be boring.

    12. A microwave bacon cooker to make cooking up the best breakfast meat/food in general easy, breezy, beautiful.

    13. A cold brew coffee maker that'll have you sipping delicious iced coffee every.single.morning. Now that's worth waking up for.

    14. An eight-pack of on-the-go natural peanut butter for packing with toast, a banana, an apple, or any other yummy breakfast item you'd enjoy with peanut butter.

    15. An emoji pancake pan to get you excited to get out of bed and see your smiley little friends for breakfast. They are definitely the happiest way to start your day.

    16. A rapid egg cooker that'll have you whipping up soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs, or even scrambled eggs super fast. We stan a gadget making lives easier and more nutritious in the morning!

    17. A 48-pack of instant oatmeal packets for a super fast but filling breakfast, which is extra perfect for those chilly mornings when all you want is something warm for your soul.

    18. A Ninja blender set to combine all your favorite fruits and veggies into a nutritious on-the-go smoothie thanks to the matching bottle!

    19. A mug that'll get you out of bed, into the kitchen, drinking coffee, and hopefully eating a filling breakfast — because humor is always fun to wake up to.