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38 Things That’ll Help You Pack A Lunch In 2019

Because your favorite part of the workday is lunch hour.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A striped lunch tote that can fit a surprising amount of food inside. If Mary Poppins carried a lunch tote, this would be it.

It has an insulated interior so your food will stay hot or cold for up to four hours.

Promising review: "When I first received it, I thought I was going to return it because it looked too small. I was totally wrong. My entire lunch, snacks, and even protein shake bottle fit perfectly! I even have extra space left in the front pocket." —Samantha

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

2. A sriracha keychain for adding a bit of spice to any boring ol' dish.


Promising review: "Perfect for in a purse or lunchbox, and it allows me to keep delicious sriracha on hand for lunches at work, without feeling like a jerk for taking up too much space in the office fridge with a big bottle." —T. LaRiccia

Get a combo pack (one large and one small) from Amazon for $14.23.

3. A vacuum-insulated food jar so your stew stays warm until you're ready to eat it.


It can keep food hot for up to five hours or cold for up to 10 hours.

Promising review: "My son uses it to take ramen noodles for lunch at school. It’s still hot at 12 p.m. after being made at 7 a.m.!" —Bonnie Wolford

Get it from Amazon for $15.50 (available in five colors).

4. A reusable silicone sandwich/storage bag as an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic ones.


These are safe for the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher! They're also great for sous vide cooking.

Promising review: "I started cooking a lot more in recent years and have begun meal-prepping in order to ear healthier. These bags save not only time but also clean-up! I was able to steam vegetables in the microwave in five minutes, and they are so easy to clean that I was reusing them in minutes. My favorite dish for my low-carb diet is cauliflower rice, and in the past, I would have to roast the cauliflower, then shred it in my food processor, dirtying up a ton of dishes. I was able to steam the cauliflower in six to seven minutes and smash it into pieces while it was in the bag! I also added seasoning/sauce to broccoli, popped back in the microwave, and it was done for tomorrow's lunch! I am so impressed, I am buying them for my whole family!" —Jennifer Tello

Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in three sizes and 13 colors/patterns).

5. A crystal clear container you can toss in your bag without worrying about it leaking.


I own and love these containers — read my review for more deets!

Promising review: "This is really aesthetically pleasing and perfect for meal-prepping. My healthy salad and veggies look so bright and colorful — people often comment on how delicious my lunch looks, and it’s usually just a green salad. The crystal-clear container really makes it look appetizing, and the seal is super tight. I’ve thrown soup in my purse and carried it around all day without worrying. I’ve always preferred glass, but these are so light, nestle so well, are super easy to clean, and so drip-proof that maybe I’m a convert. I immediately purchased another set as soon as I got the first." —Joy3888

Get them from Amazon: a lunch kit for $12.89 or a 14-piece set for $24.99

6. A Poké Ball lunch box for holding your homemade poke bowl (or just a sandwich).


Get it from Barnes & Noble for $19.95.

7. A personal blender because sometimes you feel like having a smoothie for lunch. The blending jar doubles as a travel cup!


This personal blender comes with two 16-ounce travel cups, two lids, and a 30-recipe guide to get you started. Everything except the base is safe for the dishwasher.

Promising review: "It might be little, but it is so powerful. I have used the Ninja Fit every morning, and it makes the greatest smoothies for my husband and I — can't wait to try other recipes. If you are hesitant about buying the Ninja Fit, I promise you won't be disappointed." —Linda Colella

Get it from Amazon for $52.98.

8. An easy-to-use sushi kit so you can enjoy homemade California rolls instead of ordering them from Seamless.


It comes with a training frame, a non-stick paddle, a rolling mat, a roll cutter, and two sauce caps.

Promising review: "I'm very happy I invested in this kit. I was paying $5 per roll whenever I bought sushi from a local store. I figured I should teach myself how to make sushi. This makes it foolproof, and I'm saving a lot of money on lunches now by making my own sushi." —Brittany

Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

9. And a neat lunch box (with a sauce container) that'll make your food look very appetizing, even if your sushi-rolling skills aren't the best.


This BPA-free lunch container is safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

Promising review: "This is great for carrying a variety of dishes and even if you aren't great at presentation, it instantly looks awesome! I use this smaller box for a lot of Asian dishes — you can pack a lot of rice tightly and add veggies, plus it has the cute sauce container." —Lindsay Sheffield

Get it from Amazon for $19.95 (available in four colors).

10. A set of twist-and-lock storage jars for bringing snacks, supplements, or dips on the go.

These jars are BPA- and phthalate-free and safe for the dishwasher.

Promising review: "I love these things. I have a job where I don't get a set lunch, and I need to be able to eat on the go. My go-to organization for these is Teddy Grahams on the bottom (biggest one), pistachios, chocolate almonds, and peanut butter at the top. I own three, and they go with me everywhere." —D. Fischer

Get the four-piece starter pack from Amazon for $10.99 (available in nine colors).

11. A mini Crock-Pot so you can skip the microwave line and heat food up right at your desk.


It has a 20-ounce capacity, a dishwasher-safe removable container, and a spill-proof lid.

Promising review: "Love this food warmer. I use it for lunch and dinner at work every day. I meal prep by freezing big batches of food in small freezer bags and place them inside of coffee mugs so the food is in a shape that will fit in the Crock-Pot. I let the food cook from frozen for about two hours, and it comes out perfectly." —Karen w.

Get it from Amazon for $22.49+ (available in four colors).

12. A gingham print lunch box to ward off food-snatching co-workers.


Get it from Asos for $7.

13. A set of sleek travel utensils you'll look forward to pulling out of your bag. No more bendy, plastic ones from the cafeteria!


Promising review: "This utensil set is ridiculously convenient. For a travel set, the metal is sturdy enough, it pops in and out of the sleeve easily, and the utensils are a good enough size that I don't feel like I'm eating with severely undersized flatware." —B. Enos

Get it from Amazon for $12.

14. An aesthetically pleasing ceramic bowl that can make yesterday's pasta feel like a very fancy meal.

Anthropologie, Food52

Get the ceramic version from Anthropologie for $42 (available in four colors) or the plastic version from Food52 for $25 (available in 10 colors).

15. A reusable shopping tote for holding more than your lunch — they're great for picking up groceries as well.

Baggu, Amazon

Get the small one from Baggu for $8 (available in four patterns) or the large one from Amazon for $10 (available in 31 colors/patterns).

16. A mug with a snap-on lid to make lunch as easy as possible — just pour in your favorite can of soup and heat it up in the microwave.


This phthalate- and BPA-free mug is safe for the microwave (with lid vent open), dishwasher (top-rack), and freezer.

Promising review: "I like to take soup for lunch. I have tried so many different ways to combine soup and lunch using all sorts of different containers and, finally, here is the perfect solution. This soup mug holds a whole can of Progresso soup and makes it easy to heat. The vent on top allows me to get the soup nice and hot without anything exploding and spraying the inside of the microwave. The cap locks on tightly so you can fill it with homemade soup, too! The container is nice and thick so you would also be able to freeze one serving of homemade soup to use later." —Sally

Get it from Amazon for $4.99 (available in three colors).

17. A meal planning journal with room for breakfast and lunch ideas (in addition to dinner) so you can prepare ingredients ahead of time.


Get it from Amazon for $3.22.

18. A set of lunch containers with snap-on freezer packs that won't slide around in your bag.


These BPA-free containers are safe for the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher!

Promising review: "LunchBlox are a GAME CHANGER. I am a grown woman, and these things make me excited to organize my lunch and proud when I break these bad boys out while sitting down with my med school classmates. Lots of positive comments and people are impressed that I seem so put-together. What they don't know is my secret — LunchBlox do all the work. I throw hummus, crackers, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, and grapes into these tiny boxes with gusto." —Jenn

Get them from Amazon: an entree kit (pictured) for $10.79, a salad kit for $8.19, or a sandwich kit for $8.25

19. A helpful book filled with fresh and easy recipes for making the mid-day meal feel exciting again.


Promising review: "It is so rare that any cookbook I buy actually lives up to the standards that I set for it before it arrives. Usually, most cookbooks can have one or two recipes that I like but include such labor-intensive cooking that it is not practical to use on any regular basis, OR it is full of easy recipes that have almost no veggies. Not so with this book. It is mainly a book of ideas for lunches that are easy. Easy to me equals NOT having to cook or prepare a huge meal to have a great lunch. I already spend a lot of time putting together supper meals for my family, and I just don't have time to add lunches — not with a full-time job. This book totally does what I wanted it to do — give me some new ideas for interesting yet easy lunches, incorporating fresh fruits and veggies (which I need to eat more of). I truly cannot wait to start trying some of these ideas." —KH

Get it from Amazon for $14.05.

20. An adorable set of sushi-themed snack boxes to ~maki~ meal time so much better.


Get a set of three from ModCloth for $12.

21. A leak-proof bento box so you can pack your hot and cold dishes together.


They come with utensils so you'll never forget to pack them! These BPA-free bento boxes are safe for the dishwasher and freezer.

Promising review: "This bento box is perfect for what I need. Instead of bringing several containers to work each day, I just bring this. It's great that I can have a hot meal for heating in one section and cold food items in the other. Each section is sealed airtight — no leaking. They heat up in the microwave easily. The little air vent helps with reheating. They clean up super easy with soapy water. Well made. Fairly stylish. Great product." —Chuck Ghoulie

Get it from Amazon for $19.95. Check out another option here!

22. An apple divider that'll give you thin, dippable slices to eat with almond butter.


Promising review: "I love this apple corer and use it almost every day. It slices apples into 16 nice, thin slices easy to munch on and pack for lunch. The bottom section makes it very easy to remove the apple slices when it is closed. This little item makes slicing apples so easy." —Q

Get it from Amazon for $10.71.

23. A sleek lunch pot with a separate compartment for toppings like granola.


This BPA-free container is safe for the dishwasher and microwave.

Get just the lunch pot from Anthropologie for $22 or the lunch pot + stainless steel cutlery set from Food52 for $40.

24. A two-compartment stainless steel lunch box, if you're searching for a plastic-free option.


Promising review: "I just love this little tiffin! It's easy to open and close and just the right size and shape. It's not watertight, which is okay since I wasn't going to put liquids in there anyway, and for my veggies and hummus or fruit and sandwich, it's been perfect. In particular, I like how this one is sort of square-shaped instead of rectangular like so many other products of this type; it fits much better into my lunch bag." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in two styles). Or, check out a larger option!

25. A simple lunch bag made of organic cotton you'll actually want to show off.


Promising review: "Love this adorable lunch bag. It’s the perfect size, fits a large water bottle and lots of food, but not so huge that it’s cumbersome. The water bottle pocket is so much more helpful than I expected. Very sturdy, toss in the wash when it gets dirty. Can’t recommend it enough!" —JJD

Get it from Amazon for $28.95 (available in 14 designs).

26. Ice packs that'll keep your food cold and won't be an eyesore.


Promising review: "They are colorful and whimsical for the workplace. They are a perfect size and keep the things cool that need to stay cool." —Dovegirl

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $9.96 (available in nine designs).

27. A handy can colander for straining tuna and other lunch-recipe staples.


Just toss it in the dishwasher when it's dirty.

Promising review: "It sounds silly but this little guy is truly a game changer. I have been using the top of the can to strain water out of my tuna for years. Never thought of ever considering an alternative until I came across this on Amazon. It really is a time saver and very convenient. Fits perfectly nice and snug in five-ounce tuna cans. Easy to clean and seems pretty durable as well. Just rinse off with water and pat dry. Highly recommend." —studiotime

Get it from Amazon for $3.75.

28. A pack of dressing containers so you can take your fave sauces and condiments to go.


Promising review: "Oh my goodness, I had no idea how wonderful such a small product would make my life. As someone who packs their lunch for work every single shift, these have been a huge asset. They are the perfect size for soy sauce, hot sauce, and enough salad dressing for a medium sized side salad. If I want to bring a bigger salad, no problem, I just fill up two of these instead of one. I had no idea how badly I needed this product before and how unfulfilled my lunches were. These are just fantastic. Also, I've never had issues with them leaking, which is also a huge plus." —Sarah W

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $5.29.

29. A pretty lunch bowl sure to fetch a ton of compliments in the lunchroom. (Put a sticky note on it though because someone WILL try to steal it.)

Urban Outfitters

This ceramic bowl is safe for the dishwasher.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10 (available in two designs).

30. A set of attractive storage bowls that can also be used for serving and, of course, packing a lunch.

Food52, Aha

Get a set of four from Food52 for $60 or Aha for $70 (available in seven colors) or an individual bowl from Terrain for $12+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

31. A salad bowl with a separate layer for toppings and a sauce container for dressings to create endless combos.,

Promising review: "I absolutely love these salad containers. My fiancé and I have big appetites but try to eat healthy. These containers fit a ton of salad greens and all sizes of toppings — nuts, beans, cheese, fruits, meats, pasta, etc. They make packing lunch easy. Just throw in some greens, a protein, a dressing, and toppings that make salad fun for you! We use ours several times per week, and they make it to both our jobs without spilling or leaking. The bright colors are fun! I also like that having everything separated forces me to take a minute to put my lunch together and eat mindfully rather than just devouring it on my break. Several of my friends and coworkers have bought them after seeing mine!" —izzo

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in four colors).

32. An electric egg cooker because eggs are not just for breakfast — they'll make a great addition to any lunch!


This cooker comes with a poaching tray, a measuring cup, an omelet tray, and a six-egg holding tray.

Promising review: "For those that prep their meals and snacks ahead of time, this is PERFECT. I start a batch while I'm prepping other snacks and meals and BOOM, I have six nicely cooked boiled eggs to divide up into the week for snacks in ye ol' lunch bucket. The style of the eggs (hard, med, or soft) depends on the amount of water you use in the provided (and marked) measuring cup. Turn it on, wait, and the crazy buzzer will sound off telling you the eggs are done. Takes about 10 minutes for perfectly boiled eggs. No mess, no fuss." —Grizz

Get it from Amazon for $15.22+ (available in five colors).

33. And a slicer set to make adding boiled eggs to your salad so much easier.


It comes with three slicer plates to slice, wedge, or half your eggs. It'll also work on strawberries and mushrooms.

Promising review: "It has surprised me by taking on not only tons of eggs but also any fruit and mushrooms we have thrown at it. It has always been thrown in the dishwasher and it still looks almost new. I would recommend that, for fruit and mushrooms, go slow when applying the cut. I think that's key to getting this thing to last... and that's still better and faster than trying to do the same cuts with a knife." —KoHoSo

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

34. A slim, leak-proof lunch box (with a matching insulated bag) that'll fit perfectly in a briefcase or satchel.


Promising review: "I really like this product. A little pricey, but it is easier and less wasteful than using plastic baggies for sandwiches, and it forces you to think more about what you're eating for lunch. Also, it fits in my pack so I don't have to carry a separate lunch bag." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

35. A set of stainless steel containers so you can have nuts, fruit, and maybe even a cookie or two — no need to choose just one snack.


Promising review: "I use these containers for everything. They're very lightweight, so once you have your lunch, you are not stuck carrying around a big heavy thing, as is what happens when I use my glass containers. The tops seem very secure. I also appreciate the smaller sizes — the smallest is perfect for a generous dollop of guacamole or small sweet, like two cookies. Highly recommend. I will probably buy another set." —Kara Pellowe

Get a set of three from Amazon for $17.50.

36. A space-saving 2-in-1 snack container basically made for vegetables and dips.


It's safe for the dishwasher.

Promising review: "Perfect for flying. I can't stand airline food. Instead of wasting $10, a serving of oatmeal goes into the main compartment of my Joseph Joseph GoEat and a standard serving of hot water from the cart turns it into a tasty meal once I add the mix-ins (salt, nuts, berries) I stored in the smaller compartment. The container cleaned well after landing and has a minimal oaty scent. On my next trip, I'm going to add a little protein powder to the mix." —Max C

Get it from Amazon for $6.28.

37. Or, a fruit and veggie bowl big enough to fit a whole meal. Plus, it has a removable ice pack to keep everything fresh.


Promising review: "I use it almost daily to take veggie snacks to work. The ring in the lid keeps it cold for hours. It's very spacious, holds tons of stuff in there!" —MeredithH

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

38. A pizza lunch box that might tempt you to order a whole pizza for dinner and then eat the leftover slices for lunch.

Forever 21

Get it from Forever 21 for $9.90.

Food tastes better when you pack it yourself!

Viz Media

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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