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38 Things That’ll Help You Pack A Lunch In 2019

Because your favorite part of the workday is lunch hour.

1. A striped lunch tote that can fit a surprising amount of food inside. If Mary Poppins carried a lunch tote, this would be it.

2. A sriracha keychain for adding a bit of spice to any boring ol' dish.

3. A vacuum-insulated food jar so your stew stays warm until you're ready to eat it.

4. A reusable silicone sandwich/storage bag as an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic ones.

5. A crystal clear container you can toss in your bag without worrying about it leaking.

6. A Poké Ball lunch box for holding your homemade poke bowl (or just a sandwich).

7. A personal blender because sometimes you feel like having a smoothie for lunch. The blending jar doubles as a travel cup!

8. An easy-to-use sushi kit so you can enjoy homemade California rolls instead of ordering them from Seamless.

9. And a neat lunch box (with a sauce container) that'll make your food look very appetizing, even if your sushi-rolling skills aren't the best.

10. A set of twist-and-lock storage jars for bringing snacks, supplements, or dips on the go.

11. A mini Crock-Pot so you can skip the microwave line and heat food up right at your desk.

12. A gingham print lunch box to ward off food-snatching co-workers.

13. A set of sleek travel utensils you'll look forward to pulling out of your bag. No more bendy, plastic ones from the cafeteria!

14. An aesthetically pleasing ceramic bowl that can make yesterday's pasta feel like a very fancy meal.

15. A reusable shopping tote for holding more than your lunch — they're great for picking up groceries as well.

16. A mug with a snap-on lid to make lunch as easy as possible — just pour in your favorite can of soup and heat it up in the microwave.

17. A meal planning journal with room for breakfast and lunch ideas (in addition to dinner) so you can prepare ingredients ahead of time.

18. A set of lunch containers with snap-on freezer packs that won't slide around in your bag.

19. A helpful book filled with fresh and easy recipes for making the mid-day meal feel exciting again.

20. An adorable set of sushi-themed snack boxes to ~maki~ meal time so much better.

21. A leak-proof bento box so you can pack your hot and cold dishes together.

22. An apple divider that'll give you thin, dippable slices to eat with almond butter.

23. A sleek lunch pot with a separate compartment for toppings like granola.

24. A two-compartment stainless steel lunch box, if you're searching for a plastic-free option.

25. A simple lunch bag made of organic cotton you'll actually want to show off.

26. Ice packs that'll keep your food cold and won't be an eyesore.

27. A handy can colander for straining tuna and other lunch-recipe staples.

28. A pack of dressing containers so you can take your fave sauces and condiments to go.

29. A pretty lunch bowl sure to fetch a ton of compliments in the lunchroom. (Put a sticky note on it though because someone WILL try to steal it.)

30. A set of attractive storage bowls that can also be used for serving and, of course, packing a lunch.

31. A salad bowl with a separate layer for toppings and a sauce container for dressings to create endless combos.

32. An electric egg cooker because eggs are not just for breakfast — they'll make a great addition to any lunch!

33. And a slicer set to make adding boiled eggs to your salad so much easier.

34. A slim, leak-proof lunch box (with a matching insulated bag) that'll fit perfectly in a briefcase or satchel.

35. A set of stainless steel containers so you can have nuts, fruit, and maybe even a cookie or two — no need to choose just one snack.

36. A space-saving 2-in-1 snack container basically made for vegetables and dips.

37. Or, a fruit and veggie bowl big enough to fit a whole meal. Plus, it has a removable ice pack to keep everything fresh.

38. A pizza lunch box that might tempt you to order a whole pizza for dinner and then eat the leftover slices for lunch.

Food tastes better when you pack it yourself!

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