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    32 Kitchen Products That'll Help Make Your Life A Bit Easier

    Brb, getting myself a knife sharpener.

    1. A pack of dishcloths that won't get soggy and stinky or fall apart like sponges.

    2. A handy gadget for slicing a bunch of cherry tomatoes at once. No more painstakingly slicing them one by one!

    3. A cold brew maker so you can make delicious iced joe at home instead of spending $$$ at a coffee shop. It has an airtight seal for keeping your drink fresh for days.

    4. A microwave pasta cooker to save you on nights when you're too tired to cook (and too broke to order takeout).

    5. A spill stopper that'll stop the pasta from boiling over behind your back because you're tired of scrubbing the stovetop (yet again!).

    6. An over-the-sink dish drying rack made for small kitchens — it also doubles as a vegetable colander, prep surface, and large trivet. It even rolls up for storage!

    7. A do-it-all Instant Pot so you can consolidate several appliances into one and cook dinner in 15 minutes (instead of having to order takeout).

    8. A stainless steel bar to get rid of the most pungent of food smells, such as garlic and raw fish.

    9. A two-stage knife sharpener that'll restore dull blades to a razor sharp state. And when you're done, it'll fit nicely in the drawers.

    10. A bottle of Barkeeper's Friend soft cleanser for tackling anything from rusty knives to grease-marked pans to stained porcelain sinks.

    11. An ice cube tray with a lid so you don't have to play freezer Tetris every time you refill it. Plus, it'll prevent the ice from tasting stale.

    12. A set of stove counter gap covers to prevent crumbs and liquids from falling into the unreachable crevice.

    13. An electric egg cooker that'll make breakfast for you while you get ready in the morning. You can expect perfectly done yolks every time!

    14. A cooktop cleaning kit for dislodging stubborn stains that you previously thought were impossible to remove.

    15. An adjustable measuring cup so you only have to wash and handle one tool instead of several. The rotating plunger can easily push out sticky ingredients like peanut butter or honey.

    16. An adjustable baggy rack to hold storage bags open while you scoop food into them (which means less spillage on the counter and the floor).

    17. A cutlery tray that'll take up very little horizontal space and make it super easy to grab an extra fork.

    18. A set of storage containers for keeping your produce fresh for much longer. Yup, it's basically a miracle pod.

    19. A dishwasher magnet so you don't have to wonder, "Are these dishes clean or no?"

    20. A pot lid rack and pan organizer rack to make it easier to grab what you need without causing a cookware avalanche.

    21. A nifty little utensil that can be a slotted spoon, a turner, a solid spoon, a spatula, and a cutting tool all in one.

    22. A non-stick baking mat (with helpful measurements) to use for prepping the dough as well as baking in the oven.

    23. A tea bag organizer so you can throw out half empty tea boxes that are cluttering up the cupboards.

    24. A digital food thermometer because you don't have super-powered eyes that can tell if the meat is under- or over-cooked. This one gives an instant temperature read!

    25. A 3-in-1 tool any ~hardcore~ avocado fan should get — it'll split, pit, and slice your favorite fruit in no time.

    26. A pack of cleaning tablets for removing the lime and mineral build-up (as well any food residue) in your dishwasher, leaving it clean and odor-free.

    27. A clip-on strainer so your hands can remain a safe distance while draining hot liquids. It's also easier to store and clean than a full-size colander.

    28. A six-pack of spice drawer liners, if there's not enough cabinet space in your small kitchen to store a sizable spice collection.

    29. A lid holder caddy because hunting down the right lid for your food storage container every time can get very tiring. Now they'll all be in one place.

    30. A manual food chopper for breaking up ground meats, mashing potatoes, or cutting up hard-boiled eggs.

    31. A flexible sink strainer so you can easily empty out food particles by pulling on the tab and inverting it.

    32. A digital food scale (with a removable bowl) to get extremely precise with your recipes.

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