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    30 Foolproof Things To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

    Time to get extra cozy.

    1. A pair of stretchy faux-leather leggings that'll look oh-so cute with your oversized sweaters.

    2. A plaid shirt dress, because there's no such thing as too much plaid in the fall (or ever, really).

    3. Combat boots with a built-in zippered pocket for keys, credit cards, and even a lip balm, so you don't have to wear a bag on your apple-picking excursion. Cute and practical? Sign me up.

    4. Burgundy Chelsea boots you'll want to rock all season long, because ~wine~ not?

    5. A pack of velvet scrunchies that won't pull and tug at your hair and will add a pop of color to your 'do.

    6. A roll-neck dress so you can stay warm while looking like a snack. Plus, there are pockets to keep your fingers toasty.

    7. A classic fedora hat with serious celeb-off-duty vibes. It'll be the cherry on top of every fabulous fall outfit.

    8. A chunky cable-knit scarf to wrap yourself in when the chilly fall breeze hits.

    9. A faux fur vest as the perfect layering piece for when it's not quite cold enough to wear a coat. It's especially great for showing off pretty sleeves.

    10. A stretchy wrap dress you can wear pretty much anywhere, from the office to a wedding.

    11. A faux leather moto jacket for adding a bit of edge to any ensemble. The only downside is your other jackets might feel neglected once you start wearing this one nonstop. But who can blame ya?

    12. A faux-suede skirt to make any top look ten times fancier. It's soft, chic, and flawless in general.

    13. A fleece teddy coat that's the perfect combination of style and comfort. You'll look photoshoot-ready but feel like you're wearing a blanket.

    14. Or a denim sherpa jacket so you can bundle up on a chilly night and still look like the coolest kid on the block.

    15. An animal print sweater that can actually be quite versatile, because leopard print is👏 a👏 neutral👏!

    16. An oversized sweater to feel incredibly cozy in, whether you're apple picking in an orchard or just picking out apples at the grocery store.

    17. A velvet frock with embroidered mesh sleeves that'll basically be a compliment magnet.

    18. A pair of versatile skinny jeans you can easily tuck into boots. And don't worry, they're designed to keep their shape so you won't get the dreaded knee bagging.

    19. A colorful striped sweater literally made for taking cute pics in a pumpkin patch.

    20. A stunning velvet blazer to bring a ~wow~ factor to a jeans and T-shirt combo. It's honestly worthy of a holiday party, but you can definitely dress it down for everyday wear.

    21. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress that'll instantly become a part of your fall uniform — simply add a jacket, scarf, and boots.

    22. A loose-fitting thermal top so cute and comfy, you won't be able to stop ~waffling~ on about it.

    23. A magenta faux shearling jacket for a look that really POPS. I mean really, just look at this gorgeous thing.

    24. A tunic with a twist you simply can ~knot~ pass up on — it's great for those days when you want to look effortlessly cute.

    25. An oversized pullover dress that's just a longer version of your fave sweatshirt.

    26. A colorblock cardigan so you don't have to choose just one fall color to rock. (How does one choose? One simply cannot!)

    27. A flowy midi skirt to wear with knee high boots. Not only will it look a-mah-zing but your legs will also stay warm.

    28. A camo print sweatshirt you won't be able to hide your enthusiasm for, because it'll complete your stylish airport lewk.

    29. A pair of corduroy pants that's the fall-friendly cousin of your go-to mom jeans (meaning, they'll go with pretty much anything).

    30. A sparkly high-neck top so pretty, it may bring a ~tier~ to your eye. If you don't take at least 30 photos in this top, I shall be disappointed.

    Now go take a fall stroll in your new clothes:

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