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    This Under-$10 Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy Has Kept My Dog Entertained For Months

    Your pup deserves the best toy ever, I'm sure you agree.

    Dog owners, let's have a moment of silence for all the time, energy, and money spent trying to keep our beloved pets happy. Who knew it would be such a challenge to entertain someone who sniffs their own butt? Not me!

    Although I work from home, I can't always entertain Pluto, and it kind of became a mission to find something, anything that would keep him busy when I was working, cleaning, or cooking. But nothing seemed to be durable or interesting enough to last more than a short time (take a look at this bone that barely lasted a day below).

    The writer holding a chewed up dog bone

    We looked at various treats, toys, and bones, but everything seemed too similar to toys we had already purchased. And the ones that were different, were pricey. I was nervous about spending a lot of money because most of the toys we bought in the past would barely last a few days.

    The writer holding two different sized Kong toys in pink

    The unicorn toy was probably the cheapest thing in our shopping basket that day, but it's cute and seemed to be very different from other toys I had purchased before.

    Writer holding the unicorn-shaped dog toy

    But, I have had this feeling before and have been completely wrong. So, I wasn't too confident that this toy would answer my prayers.

    A dog looking at a unicorn-shaped toy while the writer is holding it

    I filled the toy up with his fave treat that was the perfect size. You don't want to put in anything that's too big because it will just get stuck, but you also don't want anything too small because it'll come out too easily.

    A dog playing on a dog bed with a purple unicorn-shaped toy

    Other toys dispensed treats way too quickly, and Pluto would get them out within minutes. This toy was like a puzzle for him, and he was determined to figure it out.

    A dog looking up at the camera while their foot is on a toy

    This toy is not only a great treat-dispensing toy, it's also a great toy on its own. When Pluto got all of his goodies out, and satisfied his need for a snack, he kept playing with it.

    Now, I know what you're thinking — cool, he liked it the first time (I thought the same). But, it's been my go-to toy for months now when I can't entertain Pluto but he needs something to do. And since we're practically BFFs now that you've made it this far, I want you to get the same satisfaction of watching your dog be thoroughly entertained while you get something done or take a break.

    It's probably the cheapest toy I have ever purchased for my dog, yet it's been months, and it's still intact, and he still plays with it! He chews on it yet somehow hasn't destroyed it. Although it seems to be indestructible, no toy really is, so it should be noted that you should never leave your dog unattended while playing with this (or any toy). And although it's recommended for all dogs, some might be able to chew through this faster than my dog. But so far, I haven't had any issues with it. Not only does it keep him entertained, but it also tires him out! After playing with this toy, he usually takes a long nap. 

    If you're still skeptical (because I get it!), I'm not the only one who thinks this toy is a godsend. Reviewers agree, too:

    A close up of the transparent purple unicorn toy

    Ready to buy a toy that'll actually keep your furry BFF entertained? Get the Unicorn Rattle treat and squeak toy from Chewy or Amazon for $9.99.

    Your dog enjoying some treats and having a good time: