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    If Your Kids Usually Lose Interest In New Toys Quickly, This List Should Help

    Finally put an end to boredom.

    1. A marble run set set so your little one can create their own maze that marbles can roll through. This will keep them interested for a long time and help them *build* their problem-solving skills.

    2. A color-your-own-castle playhouse because it's the perfect indoor activity that will make your child's imagination run wild yet doesn't require a lot of effort on your part. Just whip out some crayons and markers and let the fun begin.

    3. A "Make a Fox Friend" kit for your little fashionista that will help them learn to sew. This kit comes with everything needed to make a stuffed fox and adorable outfits and accessories.

    4. A Melissa & Doug ice cream station so your kiddo can run their own ice cream shop (minus the sugar rush) and dive into pretend play. Your child will love taking your order and scooping ice cream into cups and cones.

    5. A glow-in-the-dark fort building kit for your soon-to-be architect or engineer. Your little builder can create anything they can think of like a castle or rocket. The best part is when you shut the lights off, their creation will glow.

    6. A wooden puzzle that is like a real lifeTetris minus the screen time. This puzzle can be played over and over for some fun away from their tablet.

    7. An affordable drone because kids (and adults) are just amazed by this. I won't tell that you basically bought it for yourself and just lend it to your kiddo every once in a while to keep boredom at bay.

    8. A sight word Bingo game if you want to make learning sight words easy and fun instead of a chore. Your child will have no idea that this game is actually helping them learn to read.

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    9. An interactive dinosaur toy because your child deserves a dino-tastic friend that will roar and dance. Bonus: this toy will fart when you pull its tail!

    10. A Dyson Ball toy vacuum that will turn your child's need to *pretend* to clean into some useful help. Unlike toy vacuums, this one has pretty good suction to clean up little messes.

    11. A set of Crayola Scribble Scrubbie pets because they're reusable, so your kid can create colorful pets over and over for endless fun.

    12. A Gravity Maze game to challenge your little brainiac to use spatial reasoning, planning, and engineering to figure out how to get the ball through the maze and on its target. Sounds super technical, but it's learning that feels like fun.

    13. An LCD writing tablet for screen-free fun so your artist can get creative. Your little one can draw colorful and bright creations minus the mess.

    14. A Melissa & Doug activity book with a pair of safety scissors so your kiddo can develop fine motor skills and tap into their creativity. This book is filled with mazes, puzzles, and hands-on activities that will keep your child entertained.

    15. A Stomp Rocket launcher that your kids will have a *blast* with (while learning a thing or two about physics). These rockets launch up to 200 feet high when your child jumps or stomps on the launch pad — no need to stock up on batteries.

    The stomp rocket launcher

    16. Otrio, a twist on the classic tic-tac-toe that will become your family's new favorite game to play together. Family game night just got an upgrade.

    concentric circle pieces on otrio's wooden board

    17. A 100 Words Book, aka an interactive book that will help your child learn the alphabet and words. It has fun sounds, images, lights and activities to prevent that *boredom meltdown.*

    The 100 Words Book for kids

    18. A solar-powered DIY robot kit, a STEM activity where your child can build 12 robots that can move with the power of the sun!

    A reviewer's robot creation

    19. A hilarious Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game that isn't as complicated as its name, I promise. Not only is it easy to play but it's also fun for the whole fam. Reviewers warn that you may laugh uncontrollably.

    20. A Disney Princess necklace activity set to help your little one stay out of your jewelry box and create their very own one-of-a-kind necklaces.

    21. A flower-building activity set so your *budding* genius tap into their imagination and build amazing flower displays. This STEM activity comes with hundreds of pieces for endless possibilities.

    22. A scratch paper art set that works like magic to reveal colorful images that your child creates just by scratching the surface with a wooden pick.

    23. A Lego set so your dino-obsessed kid will be able to create three dinosaurs fit for Jurassic Park.

    24. A miniature baking set for your wannabe YouTuber who can't get enough of the tiny baking viral videos. Now your kiddo will be able to create mini treats like their fave creators.

    25. An interactive The Floor is Lava game that will get your kids off of the couch and off of their tablets. This is also the perfect rainy day activity.

    The game box and a look at the items included

    26. A rainbow-colored saucer swing because rain or shine, your child can spin and swing without a trip to the park. This will be your kid's (or teen's) new *hang* out.

    27. A remote control stunt car that can spin 360 degrees. It tumbles and spins and does almost as many stunts as your little race car driver.

    28. Banzai Bump N' Bounce Body Bumpers because your energetic kids can have a silly sibling (or cousin) duel.

    29. A 360-degree-rotating 3-in-1 LED globe so your explorer can learn about geography and the constellations. It also doubles as an out-of-this-world night-light.

    The globe in world map form and lit up in constellation mode

    30. A foam pogo jumper that'll help your never-tired toddler to burn off some energy while you sit back. This is a safer alternative to a traditional pogo stick that your kiddo will love bouncing around on.

    31. A Frozen 2 Elsa styling head so your little stylist can go wild and experiment on a doll, instead of you. And they can create endless hairdos fit for a queen.

    The styling head shown with all the included accessories

    32. A National Geographic geodes kit that will fulfill your child's need to smash and break things. Your little geologist will be able to crack open rocks to reveal amazing crystals!

    33. A giant bubble wands kit, because it's outdoor fun the whole family will enjoy. The huge bubbles are all thanks to the two-handle wand design, which has been used to set big bubble world records!