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I Drew Disney Princesses Living In The Star Wars Universe

Princess Leia definitely reigns supreme but surely there's some room for these Disney debutantes in a galaxy far, far away?

1. Belle would make an amazing Wookie!

2. Aurora the Hutt!

3. Merida as an ace X-wing pilot.

4. Ariel could go back to life under the sea...

5. A Twi'lek Rapunzel makes total sense.

6. Jasmine could definitely hold her own...

7. Cinderella as a protocol droid!

8. Mulan has a lot in common with Ahsoka Tano.

9. Tiana as whatever the heck Yoda and Yaddle are!

10. Pocahontas as an Ewok!

11. Snow White as an Imperial storm trooper!

This should definitely be a thing right?