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    Counting Down Kyle Mooney's Funniest "SNL" Characters

    Kyle Mooney's final SNL appearance was Saturday, May 21, along with Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant.

    Kyle Mooney is a national treasure. From his early work on YouTube with the sketch group Good Neighbor to his countless characters on Saturday Night Live, he always brings his A-game.

    1. "Thanksgiving Baking Championship" - Four contestants compete on a Thanksgiving-themed bake-off, and Ralph (Kyle Mooney) is the clear winner.

    Thanksgiving Baking Championship sketch featuring Mooney showing off a suggestive cake

    2. "Ted Cruz Sesame Street Cold Open" - Joe Rogan (Pete Davidson) has some questionable meds for Big Bird (Mooney).

    Kyle Mooney as Big Bird, Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz, and Andrew Dismukes during the Ted Cruz Sesame Street cold open

    3. "Viral Apology Video" - The Prank Posse take things too far...then their apology video blows up.

    Mooney during the Viral Video sketch, wearing a hoodie that says "prank posse"

    4. "Kyle's Holiday" - Real-life Kyle Mooney learns the real meaning of Christmas from Billie Eilish.

    Kyle Mooney standing in a hallway at the SNL studio, remembering the good times

    5. "Subway Churro" - In a sketch where every character gets a minute-long song, leave it to Kyle Mooney to get about 10 seconds.

    Kyle Mooney in the Subway Churro sketch, his arm in a cast

    6. "March of the Suitors" - The only word Mooney's character seemed built off of was the word "sniveling," and he nailed it.

    Kyle Mooney laughing as he appears in the March of the Suitors sketch

    7. "Baby Yoda" - They should make Baby Yoda talk more on The Mandalorian — he seems cool as hell.

    8. "Brett Kavanaugh Post-Game Cold Open" - Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney should've had one last head-to-head as Lindsey Graham and John Kennedy

    9. "Dancer" - I still think Kyle beat Issa Rae in this dance-off.

    10. "Kyle's Transformation" - The world wasn't ready for Buff Kyle, and my hunch is that's why he's leaving the show.

    11. "A New Kyle" - Similar to Buff Kyle, Blonde Kyle is yet another reinvention of his entire personality. This time, he steals Pete Davidson's look and friends.

    12. "Dad" - They said audiences weren't ready for a modern retelling of the classic ballad "Cat's in the Cradle." Kyle Mooney proved them wrong.

    13. "The Grocery Rap" - Three buddies make a music video in a grocery store, but they refuse to wear masks.

    Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Andrew Dismukes stand in a grocery store wearing 80s-era hip hop clothes

    14. "Poetry Lovers" - You know a sketch is going to be good when it's Kyle and Beck Bennett. Throw in Sarah Silverman, and you've got gold.

    Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney shake hands in front of Sarah Silverman

    15. "Pogie Pepperoni's" - If you haven't seen Kyle and Beck's early YouTube work, this skit is extremely reminiscent of the videos that got them hired on SNL.

    Kyle Mooney holds a Pogie Pepperoni's shirt, staring at it awe

    16. "Bad Boys" - If it's a sketch parodying '80s sitcoms, it'll probably have Mooney and Beck.

    Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett give a concerned look to each other

    17. "Dive Bar" - Kyle doesn't have a huge part in this sketch, but every time he chimes in he throws off Kenan Thompson and Ryan Gosling's groove by making them laugh.

    18. "Bruce Chandling" - It takes a special talent to commit to a character whose bit is that they aren't funny.

    19. "Christmas Bar" - A very Brooklyn Christmas bar sees Tony (not rich or nothing, just volunteers at a home for the elderly) and Jerry (loves his deaf sister) fighting over Jessica.

    Kyle Mooney's character Tony flirting with a woman played by Vanessa Bayer

    20. "The House" - David thinks they're going to watch a movie at the theaters, but Brian thought they were going to watch one at the house. This could be drama, people.

    Kyle Mooney eyeing Will Ferrell suspiciously

    21. "Bits" - Cut to: a friend desperately trying to keep the bit going.

    22. "Miley Wedding Tape" - Kyle marries Miley Cyrus and is super bummed about it.

    Taran Killam marrying Miley Cyrus and Kyle Mooney

    23. "Brothers" - This sketch is basically the movie Step Brothers, but Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong can't stop laughing.

    24. "Kyle and Friends" - Kyle tries to make friends and gets some wise words from Regina King.

    Kyle talks to Bowen Yang behind the scenes at 30 Rock

    25. "Beers" - In another '80s sitcom parody, Mario (Kyle) and Josh (Beck) confront cousin C.J. (Larry David) about his beer addiction.

    Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett wearing helmets and elbow pads while Larry David burps loudly

    26. "The Fight" - Chris Fitzpatrick (Kyle) fights Andy Rydell (Beck Bennett). If you want more Chris Fitzpatrick, check out Beck and Kyle's pre-SNL videos.

    Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett fight while dressed as high schoolers

    27. "Kyle vs. Kanye" - Kyle challenges Kanye West to a rap battle. Also, Kyle won, because the challenge was to freestyle, and Ye just sung a song from Life of Pablo.

    28. "Awkward Flirts" - Two apartment residents flirt with each other until it becomes painful to watch. Then, the ending is surprisingly sweet.

    Kyle Mooney awkwardly flirting with Vanessa Bayer

    29. "Love and Leslie" - Leslie Jones and Kyle fall in love, despite Kyle's jealousy of Colin Jost.

    Kyle Mooney suspiciously looking in on Colin Jost talking to Leslie Jones

    30. "Scooter Rineholdt" - President of Milk Distribution Scooter Rineholdt passionately defends milk. And interestingly, the URL Mooney gives for the source of his milk-related news ( redirects to NBC's webpage for SNL.

    Kyle Mooney as Scooter Rineholdt, chugging milk as it spills onto him

    31. "PottyPM" - The PottyPM is the perfect solution for going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But apparently it wasn't designed with women in mind.

    Kyle Mooney advertising the PottyPM, a nighttime bathroom solution

    32. "What's My Name?" - Kyle (playing every character in this skit) forgets the name of a party guest.

    Kyle Mooney in an '80s-style music video for a ballad about forgetting someone's name

    33. "Del Taco Shoot" - A director (Adam Driver) and executive (Beck) tear into a commercial actor (Kyle) over a line reading.

    Kyle Mooney in his underwear, shit pulled over his head, singing

    34. "Jheri's Place" - After a sketch doesn't land well (and Kyle makes a bold choice that doesn't pay off), the cast fields questions from reporters about what went wrong.

    Kyle Mooney as an irate manager of a restaurant

    35. "Inside SoCal: Is Art Gangster?" - Yet another SNL skit that came from Kyle's early YouTube days, Inside SoCal is a show about what's going on with the boys.

    Kyle wears a snapback and reports next to an image of men wearing tuxedoes, labeled 'the boys'

    Which Kyle Mooney characters will you miss the most? Let me know in the comments!