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People Are Calling Out The Celebrities They Claim Are Totally Different Behind The Scenes, And It's Fascinating

"It's all an act."

People on Reddit are calling out the celebrities they suspect are faking their entire personalities for the camera — some for good reasons, some for bad. And while we can't verify any of these, they're fascinating to think about.

a celebrity facing red carpet cameras

Here are some of the top-voted answers from users:

1. "Kevin Hart. If you watch that documentary about him, you see the mask slip a little when he loses the 'everybody’s BFF' persona for a minute and is a REAL scumbag to one of his boys, going on a completely unprovoked tirade about how, 'Without ME, you’re NOTHING.'"

Kevin Hart

2. "Paris Hilton. She's not nearly as air-headed as she pretends to be."

Paris Hilton

3. "Gordon Ramsay. I curse worse when I run a kitchen, and it’s all an act. He’s retained like 85% of his staff for more than 15 years I’ve read…if he was really an a-hole, they’d leave."

Gordon Ramsay

4. "Almost all heavy metal rockers are anything but moody devil worshippers. It's always been hilarious to me that in reality, Alice Cooper is a soft-spoken Christian."

Alice Cooper

5. "Kid Rock and Larry the Cable Guy are pretending to be white trash hillbillies when they are actually rich rednecks."

Larry the Cable Guy

6. "Jimmy Fallon laughs like he has a sniper pointed at him at all times set to fire when he doesn’t laugh dramatically."

Jimmy Fallon

7. "I don't know why, but I feel Ellen DeGeneres fakes her personality. Just look at her episode with the actress from 50 Shades [Dakota Johnson]."

Ellen Degeneres

8. "Old skool here: Marilyn Monroe. She acted like a ditzy blonde, but behind the scenes she was hella smart and something of a literary buff (one reason she was attracted to Arthur Miller)."

Marilyn Monroe

9. "The vast majority of country music stars are not 'country' in any sense of the word. Most came from rich families."

an anonymous country star

10. "The Rock seems too good to be true to me, but I have nothing to hang it on other than a gut feeling."

The Rock

11. "Benedict Cumberbatch. He carefully avoids having any discerning personality, and we know next to nothing about him. Takes talent. Good on you, BC."

Benedict Cumberbatch

12. "Hilaria Baldwin is a pretty obvious one, if she even counts as a celeb."

Hilaria Baldwin

13. "J.Lo. Something tells me she isn't at all like her persona."


14. "Samuel L. Jackson had so much success with some of the characteristics of his earlier roles that he constructed them very successfully into his entire career persona."

Samuel L Jackson

15. "Julie Andrews, aka Mary Poppins. A family member worked with her very closely on a few productions. She's tough as nails, way smarter than she leads on, and has the mouth of a truck driver."

Julie Andrews

16. "Ariana Grande. She's just playing a character in public. I bet she's not even slightly the same person at home."

Ariana Grande

17. "Jennifer Lawerence. I don't know why, but I’ve always felt that her whole, 'I’m quirky and awkward because I like to eat food' thing was disingenuous."

Jennifer Lawrence

18. "Kanye. He's a very disciplined performer. I can't believe he's like that in real life."

Kanye West

19. "Chris Pratt. I hate to say it, but since he and Anna Faris split, his new wife and his Instagram posts are just…weird."

Chris Pratt

20. "Tucker Carlson knows 90% of what he peddles is bullshit. He's just a sociopathic grifter."

Tucker Carlson

21. "Ryan Reynolds. Something about him has always been 'off' to me."

Ryan Reynolds

22. "Avril Lavigne. TBH, I’ve seen her in interviews, and videos of her goofing off with her band. She seems like a completely different person than when she’s onstage singing a song. Not in a bad way. She’s just a lot more goofy, inappropriate, fooling around, etc., while when she’s singing she seems completely serious."

Avril Lavigne

And finally...

23. "Could be wrong about this. But I am starting to think that Joe 'The Bro Jesus' Rogan is actually an insecure little man."

Joe Rogan

Alright, now it's your turn: Which celebrities do YOU think are faking their personalities for the camera? Sound off in the comments, please.

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.